Budget American made speakers?

Can anyone recommend a decent sounding American made bookshelf speaker under $1000.  Is there such a thing?
Im starting to put together what you guys would call a "budget system".  I am planning on buying a rogue shpinx v2, but havent made a decision that yet. 
I typically try to buy American first but im finding it hard to find speakers within my price range.

I dont know what her problem is.
The 1k budget is also do to said wife.
God I am so whipped, im going to jump off a bridge now.
Maybe you're focusing on the wrong upgrade. 😁
How can those of us not fluent in reading know anything about bookshelves ?

sorry I recommend a floor stander the magnepan

the VLR can most definitely be purchased used for under a grand

small Sony’s Faber Concertino are also amazingly musical and about $750 used, high whipped by WAF factor in leather / Walnut 

Did you read my entire post? I also recommended he try the VLRs. I also mentioned that used pairs can be found for <$1K.