Budget Amp for Sonus Faber

A bit of an odd request here so bear with me. 

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Traditions and currently have a Parasound A23 amp. 

I mainly want to get a different amp because my table isn't big enough to fit the Parasound and frankly I think it looks pretty bland. 

I'm in the camp of all reasonably well made amps sound the same, so really just looking for a small footprint but also very attractive / clean looking amp that will fit on my table. Ideally footprint of no more than 12 X 12 inches. 

Tube or SS doesn't really matter. Would like to spend under $1000 but can stretch to $2000 if needed. Just need at least 50W. 



Your speakers are more than capable of delineating the differences between amps..and your other upstream gear. If you pair them with a marginal amp/preamp, or a marginal sounding integrated, they will sound like what your upstream gear is allowing them to sound. IOW, garbage in…garbage out.

This has been my experience as well. I believe that those excellent speakers are easily capable of exploitation the quality of amplifier driving them. But that's me. The OP has explained his rationale and I respect that. To each their own with regard to audio decisions.


I'd be a little careful with small, low-cost amps. Your speakers are nominally 4 ohms with 87dB sensitivity. In addition, there are pretty wide swings in impedance and phase angel. All of that implies a pretty hefty power supply may be needed.  Traditionally, high end Sonus Faber speakers have been hard to drive. It is not just having 50 watts of stated power.  I have Cremonas and found that even pretty hefty amps did not do them justice. Class D may work better than AB. I have no experience with your speakers, Just a something to consider..