Budget amp that will give Magnepan 3.6Rs better depth of soundstage

I have 3.6Rs and using Emotiva UMC200 pre/proc and an Outlaw Audio 7100 in a 14 by 14 foot room. So I don't need to turn the volume up to massive levels. The amp will do 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 165 watts per channel into 4 ohms. I have been thinking of getting a separate two channel amp for the 3.6Rs. I have read that it takes lots of current to get the best soundstage with instrument placement and depth. I am getting wide soundstage and good sound, but the depth is somewhat muddied enough to not get instrument placement. I am looking for a two channel amp that will give me more of the potential of the 3.6Rs, but be able to be purchased for less that $750 used.  Is there any amp that will be worth upgrading to for that kind of money or do I need a new pre/proc as well?


OP, I have been running Maggie 1.7i's with a Parasound A21+ , and a PrimaLuna Evo 300 preamp in a open plan room of 20 x 30ft., 9ft ceiling. The right side of the room is open to the front of the house, with only a staircase in-between the two large rooms.  The Parasound, (400w into 4ohms) completely pressurizes this space with the Maggies.  I play everything: jazz, classical, rock. I was just listening to "Kid A" by Radiohead, (Tidal MQA).  It was holographic in this space. A good friend is into blu-ray surround music (I cannot do it), and I sat him in the sweet spot. He was dumbfounded by the soundstage that expanded to the sides and overhead.  I use two Martin Login subs as well. But the Parasound is the heart and soul of the system.  Give it a listen with your bigger Maggies...I'm sure it won't disappoint. Oh, room acoustics: I have a large, deep sectional in the middle of the listening space and a large area rug underneath that, about 1.5ft in front of the Maggies.  That's it. My sound meter reads 30db avg. for pre-music sound, 25db when no one else is home.  My average listening is around 75 - 90db

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I believe you could probably use those speakers in your room if you can get the room right as panzrwagn has suggested. I suggest consulting a professional for advice. Jeff at hdacoustics is very good. I was told my speakers would not work in my smaller room but with Jeff’s design they are fabulous! Good luck!

You didn’t mention how far away your Maggies are from the front wall. In my experience with Maggies, they MUST be a minimum of 4 feet out to get optimum front to back imaging. Anything less and the soundstage will suffer and no amp is going to make it much better. While a lot of people say 3 feet out will work, they don’t fully open up until they’re out 4 feet or more. If you are unable to bring them out that far, diffusion and not absorption behind the speakers will help with imaging. Try pulling them out to 4 feet (if they’re not already) and toe them in slightly, before spending money on an amplifier.

The room would need addressing before considering more power, but a better amp can make some significant improvements to the presence, dynamics and stage. 

What about wood diffusion behind the speakers along the front wall and then on the first reflection points? I purchased some cheap and very effective BXI quadratic panels on Amazon that did amazing things for the imaging and stage depth.