Budget Audiophile Looking For Amplifier Suggestions

Hi All,

I'm looking suggestions for a high quality ss 2-channel amplifier (120-150 WPC) made between 1998-2005 that may have sold for $2000-3000 but today would go for $800-$1100. What would you be looking for?

Best Regards,
I would be looking for an amp within my budget that could properly drive my speakers.  So what speakers do you have?

Also, are you looking for an integrated amp or power amp?
The Parasound A23's are really great, run around that.

Arcam also makes very nice receivers/integrateds I'm a huge fan of.

Either integrated or power amp would be acceptable.  I do have a couple of preamps, one is an AGI 511.

But I wouldn't let what I have as a preamp affect what I select as a power amp.  I could upgrade that later as well.