Budget Audiophile Looking For Amplifier Suggestions

Hi All,

I'm looking suggestions for a high quality ss 2-channel amplifier (120-150 WPC) made between 1998-2005 that may have sold for $2000-3000 but today would go for $800-$1100. What would you be looking for?

Best Regards,
The Parasound A23's are really great, run around that.

Arcam also makes very nice receivers/integrateds I'm a huge fan of.

Either integrated or power amp would be acceptable.  I do have a couple of preamps, one is an AGI 511.

But I wouldn't let what I have as a preamp affect what I select as a power amp.  I could upgrade that later as well.
Here are the specs for Mike's Meadowlark Audio Osprey:

Bandwidth: 30Hz - 24KHz
Sensitivity: 88dB 2.83V 1M room.
Nominal Z: 8 ohms

It seems that his request for 120-150 wpc should be plenty of power, depending on room size and listening levels. Assuming he has a moderate to large size room, and listens at moderate to loud levels, he should be fine. 

He would only need more power if in a VERY large room, and/or listening levels are concert hall levels. IMHO.