Budget Audiophile Looking For Amplifier Suggestions

Hi All,

I'm looking suggestions for a high quality ss 2-channel amplifier (120-150 WPC) made between 1998-2005 that may have sold for $2000-3000 but today would go for $800-$1100. What would you be looking for?

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For a used power amp, another vote for Sunfire.
Sunfire 300 Load Invariant... circa 1998, $700 to 1000.
Sunfire 300-Two amp ... 2004, upgraded design. $900 to $1100

Often found on Ebay. Will drive any speaker.

Good question!

I've had good experiences buying nearly top shelf items of that era paying between 1/10 and 1/4 of the MSRP (back then) and it's still recent enough not to need a complete overhaul.

For years I've used vintage components that I rehabbed myself but I'm looking to get more recent.

I'll be 60 next summer and getting into the home stretch till retirement so I'm trying to be frugal.  I don't mind taking a risk on older components if I can get them at a good price because I've already done a good deal of electrical repair.

I definitely want components made either in US, Canada, or Japan.  That leaves a lot of the newer items out.

However, I just checked and see Van Alstine is made in the US, so thanks for the tip.
Another vote for the Sunfire . It is musical , Powerful , Refined . It just sounds like music .
I can echo all the recommendations for the Sunfire as well. Just took possession of one yesterday and it is very musical indeed.