Budget Audiophile Looking For Amplifier Suggestions

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I'm looking suggestions for a high quality ss 2-channel amplifier (120-150 WPC) made between 1998-2005 that may have sold for $2000-3000 but today would go for $800-$1100. What would you be looking for?

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My personal favorite integrated is Vincent SV237 hybrid integrated. It gives you 150 wpc @ 8 ohm and 250 wpc @ 4 ohm. I have their SP331 hybrid amp and I think their products are underrated. A very overall neutral sound with nice punchy bass. Brand new $2500.

Though older than the '90's, an old Adcom GFA 555 would be my rec. Besides being cheap on the used market, they can be upgraded by Music Fidelity. I still have mine and it works as good as it did 25 years ago.
Mr. Pass made a heck of an amp.

The Vincent is gorgeous but I don't think it's been around long enough such that used models are in my budget range.  If I'm wrong on this please advise.  Also, where is it made? I did a quick search but didn't find an answer to that.
To all those recommending Sunfires, Bob Carver designs have been on my list for a while.  Thanks for the recommendation!
I only make reference to this ad because I own one, no affiliation with the seller. There is a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated for sale here on Audiogon. They don’t come up for sale too often and for good reason. I have had mine since new and still have no desire to replace it. At that time I was working in the A/V industry, and happen to meet and talk with US distributor for MF. I was surprised that he also used the A308. Thinking he would have the flagship model above costing twice as much, I asked why. He said it was more power but the A308 was a little sweeter sounding. The Soundstage review listed in the ad is spot on describing the sound. It will stretch your budget, but you would be happy for a long time.

It was made in England and the last of the products, other than flagship models to be made in England.