Budget AV Receiver with Magnepan

I'm looking to build a 5 channel home theater/music system using Magnepan MMG-W's and CC2 (or possibly MC1's for FR and FL) with a Monitor Audio sub. Now I'm looking at inexpensive used high end AV receivers to tie it all together:

Rotel - 1055 75x5

NAD - T744 (can be had refurbished with warranty) 5x50W, not sure if this is enough to drive the Magnepans?

NAD - T754, a bit more power, can be had with warranty

B&K AVR 202 - 105 x 5, I've heard one of these and liked it, it's a bit older than the rest

Cambridge Audio 540R - 80 x 6, nice looking unit but haven't heard much about them compared to NAD/Rotel/B&K

And advice/experience on any of these would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy with 5 channel DTS, don't need HDMI (although would be nice), want something that can drive the small Maggies without struggling (don't need ground shaking volume here), and I want something that sounds *good*. I'm coming from a small Denon 75w x 5 Dobly Digital surround receiver (driving Monitor Audio Silver 5i's). I know seperates are better, but I'm trying to keep the wife happy ($$$). Thanks!

I haven't found Maggies to be as difficult to drive as they are reputed to be, at least the smaller models anyway. My guess would be that any of the receivers you mentioned, except for the NAD T744, would be adequate.

As far as sound goes, MAYBE the Cambridge and Rotel could produce a somewhat bright presentation. The NAD would probably be the most laid back. I don't have any experience with B&K stuff.

Finally, why not keep the Denon you have now and see how that works before investing in a new receiver? Denon's stuff is generally very good, even the entry level models, especially when it comes to powering what amounts to satellites. And the slightly warm sound of the Denon might make for a nice balance with the Maggies.

Finally, if you feel you do turn out to need a new receiver, don't count out Onkyo and Yamaha. Some of their latest models in the $500-$700 range (brand new) are surprisingly good, even with 2-channel music.
That's not a bad idea actually - I guess I'm sort of getting all worked up in upgrade mode, but who knows - maybe the Denon is better than I am giving it credit for. It's old, model number AVR1700, and is actually 70x5 instead of what I thought was 75 x 5. My only concern is the Maggies are rated at 5ohm which I thought might be a bit much for a receiver I bought for $250 on clearance some 8 years ago! That is also my concern with the Onkya and Yamaha units. Less so for the models I listed, including the NAD, as I know they all have relatively high current power supplies. I know the MMG-W's are frequency limited which eases the load a bit, but I also know they are quite revealing and will benefit from better amplifiers... especially ones that aren't working so hard to keep up.
I highly recommend against driving any 81 to 83 db, difficult 4 ohm speaker load on ANY receiver ever built, personally! Not only will the sound be rather flat in spots, but you'll likely be cooking eggs on top of the receive unit.
I say, no go...
Here's one: Go on line and find a bunch of Maggie retail dealers, and give em a call! Say you are considering buying some Maggies, and want to know what you should drive them with. Any sane dealer should tell you pretty much the same