Budget AV Receiver with Magnepan

I'm looking to build a 5 channel home theater/music system using Magnepan MMG-W's and CC2 (or possibly MC1's for FR and FL) with a Monitor Audio sub. Now I'm looking at inexpensive used high end AV receivers to tie it all together:

Rotel - 1055 75x5

NAD - T744 (can be had refurbished with warranty) 5x50W, not sure if this is enough to drive the Magnepans?

NAD - T754, a bit more power, can be had with warranty

B&K AVR 202 - 105 x 5, I've heard one of these and liked it, it's a bit older than the rest

Cambridge Audio 540R - 80 x 6, nice looking unit but haven't heard much about them compared to NAD/Rotel/B&K

And advice/experience on any of these would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy with 5 channel DTS, don't need HDMI (although would be nice), want something that can drive the small Maggies without struggling (don't need ground shaking volume here), and I want something that sounds *good*. I'm coming from a small Denon 75w x 5 Dobly Digital surround receiver (driving Monitor Audio Silver 5i's). I know seperates are better, but I'm trying to keep the wife happy ($$$). Thanks!

08-04-08: Bfrank1972
Hah well I was actually looking at the option of my Denon with the Parasound 1205 (a couple on Audiogon for sale), but then I stumbled across a Rotel RSX-1065 ... at a price I couldn't turn down (<$300).
Dude! Score!

I hadn't thought about Rotel in your original post. Based on listening auditions I've done, Rotel is one of the few receivers that should make your Maggies sing. And at $300? Good gawd!

I heard a 70wpc Rotel AV receiver absolutely humiliate a 100 wpc Sony ES. The Sony had no grip on the bass. The Rotel drove the pair of B&Ws like high current separates would, and had both greater clarity and musicality. And you don't want to move up in clarity without accompanying musicality!
Thanks! I'm feeling very lucky right now ;) I haven't even hooked the beast up yet - I'm waiting to get the Maggies. BTW I'm coming from a Monitor Audio setup, Silver 5i's (which I really like) and an ASW-210 - I'm hoping the sub will blend ok with the MMG-W's. I have always loved the sound of the planar dipole speakers (my friend has a lovely pair of ML SL-3's) but these will be the first Magnepan speakers I will have owned so far!
"has plenty of power (peering through the top grille I see the thing has a good size toroidal transformer sitting in the middle)... all in one tidy and inexpensive box." Bfrank

"You do realize that a new one was over $2,000, right? Anyway, I'd say your done shopping. The 1065 is actually overkill for your setup." ekobesky

Lol - just know this. Yes, the receiver will drive the speakers. Just like a Honda Civic can get up to 120 miles per hour (much faster than any sane human would ever need to drive - So you won't ever be using that top gear to the fullest, right!?!....?). And, as $2k receiver goes, yes, it has descent power.
Actually, the old $3600 Denon AVR5600 and Yamaha DSPA3090 at $2700 had large power transformers too. And yet, they didn't even have adequate power to drive smal B&W DM601's (let alone larger Mirage M5's and M3i's) full range with any body, snap and power!!!
Yes, I've sold the Rotel products, and they offer good value, indeed, for the money. No doubt. Otherwise, it's good product, I agree.
Still, to be accurate, so you know what you're dealing with - the limitations, potential, down-sides, short-comings, and benefits - I think you should know what you're getting.
You will have overall "cleanish" sound, as the receiver is descent, and the speakers are rather clear and detailed, if a bit limited in macro dynamics, comparatively. They are low low low sensisitivity speakers, that dip in the impeadance - meaning they suck juice. Since the receiver IS NOT SEPARATES, it will not deliver the goods like a dedicated power amp (note: Your modest 100w/ch $1k Rotel 5 channel power amp will deliver much more snap and control to the sound, comparatively). I KNOW you would still get better performance adding an outboard amp. Just try, and consider...that's all I'm saying.
Sound will be much more dynamic, 3 dimmensional, wider sounding stage, more musical, and full bodied sounding with better amplification. That's just the way it is.
Anyway, good luck. There's always more to tweaking your ride that can be done. It's just thoughts, perspectives, and suggestions.
"Anyway, I'd say your done shopping. The 1065 is actually overkill for your setup" (Ekobesky)

I would disagree wholeheartedly with this statement from my years of experience selling the Magnapan products, among others. Even the reviews on Magnapans website on the MMG's state that the speakers are a challenging load for receivers, even substantial ones!
Yes, they can drive them. But again, it's like the difference between a Porche that does 120mph, and a Honda Civic that gets up to 120mph! - The Porche does 120 RIGHT NOW, with torque, and lots of control and dynamic power, while the Honda eventually gets there, but with less performance. Same basic analogy I think.
So, as long as you are a casual, "soft listener", who doesn't care so much about dynamic realism, maximizing micro dynamics, weight, and efficiency in your system - but settles for a flatter, less audiophile sound. Than, I would say the reciever will "get by" for you. It will not perform to any pinnacle, if that's where you're leaning. I'm just saying.
So to say that it's "Over-kill" - I would rather say it's not even remotely the case, even if you never crank the volume, you're dealing with other factors, like current delivery, and refinement into the mix. And those speakers need all the help they can manage!
I personally would be looking to do something like a Parasound HCA1205 with those, MINIMUM!...and preferably more wattage - closer to 200watts! But, that's me.
I'm simply saying I've experience with teh Maggie line-ups over the years, and I know what they like.
To be true, they're a bit on the shy side of dynamic prowess and impact, if a bit delicate with power. DEFINITELY don't run em bellow 80hz, or full range! You'll be likely getting em repaired or replaced if you "push em". Otherwise, can't knock the clarity, detail, and soundstage they throw.
Good luck
Wow, don't go scaring the guy, Iplaynaked.

On Magnepan's own website they quote a reviewer stating:

"Using my Sony receiver, I was able to drive the speakers to satisfyingly loud levels, but I had to crank the volume control higher than usual. My receiver displayed no signs of distress during the auditioning; I’m confident that if your receiver puts out enough current, you shouldn’t have any problems."

I just got the new Absolute Sound and one of their recommended systems has a budget 100wpc integrated amp driving big Maggies. I think he'll be okay for now.

Remember...the guy was originally looking at sub-$500 receiver models of the sort you'd find at Best Buy. Now, he's driving $949 worth of speakers with a $2,000 receiver. We can sell him some Musical Fidelity Superchargers later. Let's let him enjoy what he has for now.