Budget balanced IC recommendations

Bryston Sp1.7 to Bryston 4B-ST.

My preference is nuetral sound. No added warmth or brightness. Up to $200 but prefer around $100 used.

I have used Signal Cables SE ICs and found them great for the money($49.00). I am seriously considering these, only balanced. But before I do, I thought it wise to let my fellow A'goners bestow their wisdom upon me.

any and all comments welcome.
Try a run of balanced ''pro'' cable, available at your local music gear store. I recently bought a 15 foot pair of balanced Digiflex microphone cable, just to try it, around $40 Canadian. It's still in my system, and isn't coming out. Sounds GREAT, neutral top to bottom. Replaced a pair of AZ WOW's, don't miss them at all. Admittedly, I was surprised....
Might work for you, who knows ? The investment is small enough to take the chance.
Good Luck,
Neutral? Cardas Neutral Reference are famous for it. And Stereophile says they sound better than their twice the price Golden Reference. I have a 1m pair of NR XLR in like new condition listed on an audio web site, and Half.com, for $200 ($500 new).

Neutral IS where its at. They are my perferred cable all round. Except speaker. But only because I got my hands on a pair of AQ (all silver) Dragons. Whew. They sound like you connected the speakers directly to the amp, or something like that. But I could never pay 'normal' price for them(new $2500-2800).
Thats sounds like a great idea Mike. My friend runs a recording studio/music store here in my town, so I can try a pair anytime.

Thanks for the input Homedesign, I have been looking at that cable here on A'gon.

Its a real shame I dont have a fistful of 'em so I could A/B til my heart and ears are content.
Check out the following sources:

www.fatwyr.com Great list of used cables. Also fantastic service. Will customize.

www.audioparts.com Never underestimate Stu Wein's products. Ask him and he will built it.

www.a2Zcables.com Very organized web page. Won't give advise over the telephone but claims to be very responsive to Emails.