Budget Cables for Component Connection/Interconnects

I currently have Audioquest Evergreen RCA cables connecting from my CD player to preamp - I quite like them and would like to stay within their pricerange...but when going from my preamp to amp, I've just been using 'standard' nothing special cables, as the distance between the L and R inputs on my amp is too far apart for the Audioquest cables! Frustrating!

How to Blue Jeans Cables (LC-1) compare? What about Mogami? Ideally, I'd be getting a few pairs of these for consistency and replacing the Evergreens. One for pre to power [which will later become DAC to integrated once I buy a DAC and upgrade to a tube integrated...but that's another story], one for CD to pre, and one for phono to pre!
You'll find your best value in used Synergistic Research cables. Longer than 1m are less common regardless of brand, but if you are patient can be a killer deal because as rare as they are to be sold they are even rarer to be bought so you might be able to get a killer deal. In any case the last thing you want to do is buy a long one new. Not unless you are dead certain of using it a good long time.

All the rest, if you are using the standard crap that ships with the component you are leaving half of what you paid for on the table. At least. Even less if you are still using the supplied freebie power cord. Put a hold on all other components until you get your wire up to where it should be. Which is close to whatever you spent on components, should be in wire. You will be amazed. 

Well should probably clarify. With Synergistic you will be amazed. Blue Jeans, Mogami, etc, all bets are off.
If you’re pleased with the AQ Evergreens for your CD player, keep those and focus on investing in higher end interconnectds for your preamp to amp connections. Synergistic Research is an excellent brand as stated by millercarbon and I agree don’t chintz on this critical signal path. How far apart are the preamp and amp from each other? How long do you need them to be? I’m using AQ MacKenzie RCA interconnects and they are outstanding. If you can't swing the cost for these, consider the Red River series just below the MacKenzie offering. .
When I needed new ICs I bought 5 pairs of Audioquest Silver Extremes from HCM. $90/pair. Excellent quality! They will work fine with the widely-spaced jacks on your amp - the SEs are single-run cables. At the price, a real bargain! 

Thanks all! - I will be upgrading to an integrated tube amp in the coming months, so don't want to have a higher end cable for a short time only before I upgrade.
I'll look into Synergistic Research, though I think even used is above my price range...the Red River isn't a bad choice though!
Even at that price, the Silver Extremes are out of range...US$90 plus shipping, import fees etc., us Canadians get screwed on the exchange rate :(