Budget cartridge for SOTA Moonbeam TT.

I have just acquired a SOTA Moonbeam TT which I intend to give to my daughter as hopefully an upgrade to her Teac TT.

My question is this.

What budget cartridge can you recommend?
My first thoughts are Ortofon 2m Red but sure there are other worthy contenders.

It has an old Grado of dubious vintage on it right now and as its history is completely unknown that has to go.

Budget would like to stay below $125 or so and prefer new so no vintage carts this time around please.
The Grado is in my cart drawer pile now.
I picked up a brand new Nagoaka MP150 for approx 60% of mrsp.
What a revelation this cart is on this table.
Great detail and slightly forward presentation without being shrill or shouty. Perfect for majority of my rock records imho. Bass is solid without being overblown, does not seem false.
Very happy.

Thinking of hanging onto this combo for now, my daughter can wait ... Lol.
Switched stylus on 2m red to blue and it was a nice upgrade.AT 100E if possible.