Budget Chinese Tube amps - any good?

In the midst of searching for a budget tube amp. Lots of chinese made models keep popping up. The price on these amps are often really low and would give someone like me a chance to try the tube sound for cheap.

Do you guys have any good experiences with them?

Reason I'm asking is that I hear many conflicting experiences online on each amp. Some say their amps are really good, some say they are really bad - each model might have 5 good reviews and 5 bad reviews. I guess this is par for course with audio, where subjectivity is the rule of the game. However, chinese amps tend to have the largest disparity of opinions.

The models I've read up on so far are: Mingda amps, Miniwatt N3, Yaqin amps etc.
You get what you pay for. If you are on a tight budget look for quality used amps from companies like ARC, Conrad-Johnson, Manley, VTL, Rogue. What alls these amps have in common is a solid track record of performance spanning decades. Built in the US, broad dealer network, service/support when required and if you own a tube amp the day will come when you need some level of service/support.

Your money, your call. For my money I want gear that has a solid track record. This is not the case with most auido products made in China.
Unsound is right. I see from your previous posts you are on a tight budget, but you want to try tubes. Why don't you look for a clean Dynaco ST70? If you don't like it you can always get your money back. Those little 3.5 watt amps you have been looking at require special speakers. Been there done that. Probably won't do it again.
I started with Dynaco tubes in 1962; they are still good especially if upgraded with modern parts. Why Quicksilver isn't more popular is a mystery to me; it is very good quality at a reasonable price. They often appear on here at good prices; buy one, you will know what you have and can get it repaired if necessary. They use good parts and have point to point wiring; which is a big advantage and hard to find these days.