Budget DAC/Preamp with Remote?

I have been using a Yamaha receiver as a preamp to drive a BelCanto amp into Magnepans but have moved to a smaller space and have replaced the big maggies with some KEF LS50s and want to clean up the signal path to try and get the most out of these little gems. 

I was considering the Benchmark DACs but as I would like to have a remote it means I will pretty much be in for around $2k but am hesitant to jump that far into the deep end of the pool. Doing so would likely be a wildly good fit however as it would punch pretty much every box I have save room correction (which I find to be interesting but not a must). 

This has me looking at more simple units and oddly I find that there really are no options that seem to be exactly right. The Cambridge Dacmagic Plus is close but has no remote, it does offer balanced outs which the BaCanto would love but I could get by with a used Benchmark DAC1 if I was interested in going without remote volume. 

Am I missing some options or is this part of the market just dead (or more expensive)?

On the flip side... If I were to bite the bullet and stick with the receiver and save my pennies then get something more capable, are there options that rival the Benchmark DAC2 in the same price range? I have seen several but none seem to be able to really match up that well against what seems to be an absolutely stunning value. 

Then there is room correction but that will go into a different post. 
Thanks for added feedback. 

I feel a little funny saying it but I have a little emotional connection to my amp. It's likely not as awesome as my lurv of it but hey... Some hobbies are not fully logical. 
I used to have the benchmark dac1 got it new from benchmark years ago sold after about 1 year. It did everything it was suppose to do but it never sounded musical ? If that makes any sense. My setup then was the benchmark driving b&k amp into B&W 804. Not sure that helps just my observation of the dac1. I could have played with it by switching amps and what not but I went a different direction and never really regreted selling it. 
I might suggest the PS Audio Stellar preamp/DAC as one you should look/listen to.  I bought this unit w/ their matching amp and have to say am very impressed by the sound quality.  It doesn’t have tone controls or room correction, but it does have a pretty nice analog sound and the DAC is quite good.  And, it has a remote and fits within your stated budget.  They have a generous return policy (and a trade in program too).  

I will say I went in skeptical but hopeful.  I came out very pleasantly surprised.  Perhaps you will be too.  And, if not, return it.
NAD M51 - been around for a while but I continue to be amazed at how it out-classes its more expensive modern rivals.
I second checking out the PS audio Stellar DAC.  I owned one and now have a benchmark DAC2, I couldn't tell you for sure if I was able to hear any difference.   I've seen the PS audio sold new or demo for as little as $1200 and a DAC2 can be had used for around the same price.  Both have analog inputs which are kept purely analog, a remote, and balanced outputs.  I haven't seen measurements for the Stellar but i don't think anything measures better than the  Benchmarks.