Budget DAC recommendation for Office system

I have converted one of our bedrooms into an office and putting in a modest system. I currently have an AppleTV connected to a TV for the musical purpose of streaming Tidal. I am taking the optical output from the TV into an old Fosgate FAP-T1+ to act as a DAC into a refurbished Hartman Kardon 770 receiver that drives a pair of Onix Rocket RS150 speakers or Green Mountain Euopas. The Fosgate is too big and runs pretty warm . I am looking to replace that with a decent budget DAC. I am thinking about a Schiit Modi 3+, the new Modi e or maybe a used Musical Fidelity V-90 DAC.  I have high end systems in other rooms of the house so just looking for something decent here.

I welcome comments and alternate suggestions


The ZDAC is a fabulous recommendation, used Mytek Brooklyn is another one but not as cheap.

I may also recommend you consider the NAD desktop sized integrateds.  Hybrid Class D/Class A/B amps and they sound pretty decent.  Much better than the first gen Master DAC

I'll second the MyDac.  I will likely be putting mine up for sale soon as I no longer have an office system so it's just resting in a box.  It's a great unit and a fabulous bargain IMO.


I’ve been super happy with my Topping E30. It made a notable audible improvement from the stock DAC in my Denon, works well, and the remote is good.  What more could I ask from a $130 component?

I think you’ll be fine with the Modi 3, but I’d definitely pony up the extra 120 bucks to get the multibit version as that is their strength and probably adds a good dose of musicality and refinement.  Best of luck.