Budget DAC recommendation for Office system

I have converted one of our bedrooms into an office and putting in a modest system. I currently have an AppleTV connected to a TV for the musical purpose of streaming Tidal. I am taking the optical output from the TV into an old Fosgate FAP-T1+ to act as a DAC into a refurbished Hartman Kardon 770 receiver that drives a pair of Onix Rocket RS150 speakers or Green Mountain Euopas. The Fosgate is too big and runs pretty warm . I am looking to replace that with a decent budget DAC. I am thinking about a Schiit Modi 3+, the new Modi e or maybe a used Musical Fidelity V-90 DAC.  I have high end systems in other rooms of the house so just looking for something decent here.

I welcome comments and alternate suggestions


I’ve been happy with my modi multibit in my main system although it will soon be relegated to the office system to make way for the Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE that’s on its way. 

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Speakers I've recently put some Triangle BR02's on my desk. They are being driven by a Sprout 100. They are about arm's length away from my sitting position and about 6 inches from the wall.  They sound nice and image fairly well.

Might take grinnell up on his offer to sell the MyDac. I own one I bought used to pair with a headphone amp. Has optical, coax and USB input. 

The Schiit Modi3 is also a worthy budget DAC having the same inputs as the MyDac. . I own the Modi2 which is USB only.