budget digital coax


trying to decide between 2 budget digidal coax cables

bettercables silver serpent
signal cable silver resolution

any thoughts on those or any other recommended budget digital ?
There's a Silver Audio digital for sale over on Audio Circle, I'd give it a look...
I would like to offer you a Virtual Dynamics Testament, I am willing to offer it as a gift my compliments. Each of you that have posted before me you are in. Just contact me and I will make them up and send them. You pick up the shipping if you will be so kind. I think you will enjoy it.
Have fun with them!
I use a "Stereovox" cable between my transport and DAC...around $150 used. I also have an "Apogee" digital cable in another system...around $50.

I usean IXOS 1041 between my ArcamCD72 and LiteDAC got it through Quest for Sound (not affliliated)