Budget High Current Power Cords

Bang for buck, what are the best high-current power cords for power amps/sub amps? Seems an obvious question but I haven't found it in the AG archives.
@twoleftears  I tend to believe it more along the marketing lines than what is actually necessary. IE, used commercial / industrial  circular saws when I was in business (Builder/contractor/carpenter I used 12ga electrical cable to run my saws which drew 13-15 amps. A typical amp draws 4 -5 amps. Consider that back when most things came through with an attached PC, the ga was 14-16...many were 16 gauge. That said, I believe that PC's do make a difference. But I doubt I need a 7ga or 10ga for my amp, even though I have one now
I am rolling with the Signal Cable Silver Resolution at 12 AWG for my X200 and their Magic Power Digital Reference 12 AWG and has double shielding for my CDT and DAC. Not overtly expensive by any means. 
Just because I am frugal. Rather spend money on music and my kids. 

I’m a big fan of Silnote Audio out of Roanoke, VA. They only sell direct and have unbeatable prices for the quality of their product. Couldn’t be happier with my purchases from them (power cables, XLR to XLR, RCA to XLR and optical to RCA interconnects). I’ve also only bought their entry level so far.