Budget High Current Power Cords

Bang for buck, what are the best high-current power cords for power amps/sub amps? Seems an obvious question but I haven't found it in the AG archives.
@jerryg123 just about as stupid as yours. At least Miller went for a joke, you are just a spiteful twat
Also, given that "high current" is just the mfrs' own designation for their amp cables, I can't fathom the mockery.
Maybe "high current" is a marketing term, but there is truth in having appropriate sized conductors when used with a high-current-draw device. Look at the gauge required for air conditioners and refrigerators. Ever feel how hot the PC can get when using power tools or an air conditioner? Granted, these are extension cords, but they must be up to the task.

I like the cords I have ,no if any company wants to send me some to try out ,no problem...