Budget High Current Power Cords

Bang for buck, what are the best high-current power cords for power amps/sub amps? Seems an obvious question but I haven't found it in the AG archives.

I prefer used brand cables, like Nordost, Audioquest, Kimbers, Cardas, Tellurium, High Fidelity used On when they go on sale as well, Can DiY cables compete with the above brand , my experience with my friends diy cables are just ok, they are noisy.

One problem with these expensive cables is the manufacturer doesn't make a million feet a year of the stuff.   Economy of scale is the big deal in getting the price down.   So, they are expensive, regardless of how they sound, which means it is difficult or impossible to compare bang for buck.

Virtual Dynamics Power 3 / Power 1 / David Series. Takes a bit of hunting but well worth it. I was able to source them for every component in my rig. 




Thanks for reporting your findings so far. Very interesting. I will be interested in hearing if you hear any difference on the subwoofers. When I had subwoofers I never did more than a token upgrade to them.