Budget Office System Integrated for $1000 or less

Hey All, 

Getting a new office in a few weeks which gives me an excellent excuse to build another stereo system ( I had previously put myself on a 6 month moratorium from buying stereo gear but a new office means I MUST get a new stereo right?). I would like something with plenty of power in case I decide to drive my MMG's in the office but may also use some higher efficiency speakers/stand mounts at some point. A sub out or pre outs will be necessary, a remote would be nice. I want something pretty versatile which can handle difficult loads but will also play nice with sensitive speakers. 

Possible speakers that may be used: MMG's, Gallo 3.1's, Nola Brio trio clones, KEF LS50's

I tend to like my sound a little towards the clinical side with excellent detail, sound stage,  and bass grip.I listen to a lot of electronic, jazz, accoustic guitar, & chamber music.  I have been interested in the older Krell S300i, Peachtree Audio Nova 300(a little expensive even used at the moment but with excellent reviews), NuPrime IDA-16(though haven't seen one for around $1000), Wyred4Sound mINT, Wyred4sound sti-1000. 

As you can see I am not afraid of class D and actually appreciate the small footprint some could have. Something small would be great but standard size would work as well. Just want something versatile and reliable. I am not interested in tubes. What about Bryston?? I haven't heard any but must admit I love their warranty as it speaks to the build quality. 

Any and all direction and opinions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

If it were me I’d look at Class D amp from Peachtree, Rogue Bel Canto or similar. 100 w/ch or more depending on room size and how loud you need to go and budget. I can recommend the Bel Canto c5i integrated for top notch sound and everything you might need (including phono and pre-outs) in a compact package with some volume limitation given only 60w/ch. You may or may not need a sub depending. I picked up one used here for under $1000 a while back.

I would not go with Magnepan for electronic music though would be a good choice for you otherwise perhaps assuming they can be located well away from walls in your setup.

Good luck.
@willemj Not necessarily a desktop system.  I may be able to shelf mount smaller speakers or may use floor standers.. I have some Audioengine A2+ for my desktop, but I plan on creating a "sound lab" of sorts with the new system, using music and ambient sounds to help my patients learn to induce a relaxation response (I'm a psychotherapist).. Hence my need of a sub and possibly floor standing speakers. I want the sound to be pretty immersive. 

I have heard others say the same thing about Maggies and electronic music, and I must say I think with stereo subs (REL T7's) my little Maggies do and excellent job with electronic. Sure you don't get that gut level punch you get with a dynamic speaker, but they still sound pretty damn good. 
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