Budget Office System Integrated for $1000 or less

Hey All, 

Getting a new office in a few weeks which gives me an excellent excuse to build another stereo system ( I had previously put myself on a 6 month moratorium from buying stereo gear but a new office means I MUST get a new stereo right?). I would like something with plenty of power in case I decide to drive my MMG's in the office but may also use some higher efficiency speakers/stand mounts at some point. A sub out or pre outs will be necessary, a remote would be nice. I want something pretty versatile which can handle difficult loads but will also play nice with sensitive speakers. 

Possible speakers that may be used: MMG's, Gallo 3.1's, Nola Brio trio clones, KEF LS50's

I tend to like my sound a little towards the clinical side with excellent detail, sound stage,  and bass grip.I listen to a lot of electronic, jazz, accoustic guitar, & chamber music.  I have been interested in the older Krell S300i, Peachtree Audio Nova 300(a little expensive even used at the moment but with excellent reviews), NuPrime IDA-16(though haven't seen one for around $1000), Wyred4Sound mINT, Wyred4sound sti-1000. 

As you can see I am not afraid of class D and actually appreciate the small footprint some could have. Something small would be great but standard size would work as well. Just want something versatile and reliable. I am not interested in tubes. What about Bryston?? I haven't heard any but must admit I love their warranty as it speaks to the build quality. 

Any and all direction and opinions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

@willemj Not necessarily a desktop system.  I may be able to shelf mount smaller speakers or may use floor standers.. I have some Audioengine A2+ for my desktop, but I plan on creating a "sound lab" of sorts with the new system, using music and ambient sounds to help my patients learn to induce a relaxation response (I'm a psychotherapist).. Hence my need of a sub and possibly floor standing speakers. I want the sound to be pretty immersive. 

I have heard others say the same thing about Maggies and electronic music, and I must say I think with stereo subs (REL T7's) my little Maggies do and excellent job with electronic. Sure you don't get that gut level punch you get with a dynamic speaker, but they still sound pretty damn good. 
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Ben I have heard larger Maggies (of Rogue Cronus Magnum tube amp) with REl sub. No doubt dual subs will help and RELs are very good. I just think dynamic speakers are much better suited for electronic music in general. I had larger Maggies with M&K sub for many years. Ditched the setup mainly for that reason. Also room placement needs of Maggies far away from walls became problematic in general for me. Also consider teh inefficiency of Maggies and what that means regarding amp power you might need, though with subs it may be a non issue in your case.

For your purposes, it sounds like most any speakers bolstered by dual subs would fit the bill and any amp capable of modest SPL should fit the bill. So you have many good options it seems. I’d recommend used BEl Canto c5i if you can find one in your budget range.  Top notch in every way and about the size of a shoebox.