Budget Power Cords, which brand to choose?

I know budget means different things to different people, I am talking below $1000 new and $600 second hand. I also know they are very system dependent.

I use an Ayre QB9 DAC fed by a Mac Mini and NAS
TW Accustic Raven one/ortofon 309D/SPU synergy
Modwright 36.5 Pre
ARC Ref 75 Power
Daedalus DA-RMa speakers
Bybee stealth power supply

My power cables are Lessloss original and Sablon Audio and very good they are. There appears to be a number of new small companies getting good reports and reviews, particularly WyWires, Silnote and Triode Wire Labs. I already use Wywires Speaker cable and one XLR interconnect, so that may be the obvious choice. Any thoughts on these or other cheaper cables I haven't thought of? Thanks
I know they may be older than some of the current cords that you have mentioned, but I find that Elrod EPS-2/3 Signature cords can still beat out anything I've had in my system less than $1K second hand prices.
You can find them in the $400-$650 range depending on condition.

Of those that you mention, the TWL 7+ would be on top of my list.

Out of curiosity, which version of the Bybee Stealth conditioner do you have? I am using one that is one generation back, but it does use the GTX-D receptacles. Mine has two Gold and two Rhodium, very nice.

+1 Jmcgrogan2,
I would also add the HiDiamond P3 (less then $1000) and P4 (around $1000+).
Thanks for your responses. John, as to the Stealth, I bought mine second hand and it has no distinguishing marks on it, but I think it is the last version of the unit, not the current one and yes, I am very pleased with it.
TWL power cords are a "must audition" for anyone who cares about upgrading the sound of their system. Different model (gauge) cords for different applications make them user friendly. In my system, they made an improvement in each piece of equipment I tried them on. Better yet, they seem to "build upon each other", so using TWL cords for my complete system made a cumulative change for the better. Pete's TWL cords are very flexible with excellent build quality. Customer service is exceptional. When you look at (listen to) the price to performance ratio, they are an absolute NO BRAINER!

Next up for me are the speaker cables and I/C's... soon I hope!

Wow, I would have guessed budget power cords meant under around $200. I'm quite positive I never ever spent more than $600 on all my power cords and interconnects put together. And I wasn't actually thinking in terms of budget.
After 60 years in audio and going through many cables regardless of price, I can only say that the Triode Wire Labs line of cables are not only affordable, but preferable to cables costing many times more. Every time I audition another cable I lose the honesty and musicality that TWL offer. As with other speaker and I/C there is a break in period. Once done, the rewards are superlative.
I have to concur with everyone else regarding the TWL cables.
After burn in 200-300 hrs they transform into a smooth detailed non fatiguing cable. I am using state art electronics Pass XA60.8; Esoteric K01x Coincident Line Stage.Every time another TWL cable was inserted the sound improved.
Another HUGE thumbs up for Triode Wire Labs. Like Carerra's post above, I have been in this hobby for 50 years and have had way too many power cords. The musicality of the TWL cords has changed my system. Before Pete's cords, I was listening to music, now I'm listening to a performance! I'm hooked.

Another TWL happy customer here! Have 4 cords in my system.

Can't go wrong with their 30 day trial period.

Have my eye on his digital cord at the moment
Make your own power cords...better than almost anything (I've not heard ever one). I have Acrolink cables with Furutech or Oyeida connecters. I have Neotech cables with Cardas connectors on the Vandersteen speakers. ...also excellent. The Acrolink can carry more power so I use it for my amp.
I've been a big TWL fan since Pete first hit the streets. I have used his earlier series of cables and recently decided that his new stuff has got to be worth auditioning too so i recently swapped in a new Digital American into my beloved Lampizator Big 7 and got "Wammoed" with another round of " How can this thing possibly sound better?" What a perfect match. Both products feature the same dominant emphasis of the music and go together hand in hand: they're "NATURAL". Unforced, simply 'flowing'... UN HiFi! My Dac loves this cable!
Recently I treated myself again... I had been itching to try a new cable in my TRL Dude so I asked Pete about it. "Sure thing" he said., with a little chuckle, "I've got just what you need". And yesterday it arrived : a stunning High power version Digital American that was pure eye candy to any audiophile worth their listenig chair... And when clamped down into my Dude I think my preamp felt like it was drinking its juice from the wall via the Hoover dam... Clean, pure, unlimited power. Dynamics snapped like a lightnig strike on a tree at 30 feet away. Base plunged like a diver off a 10 meter board and the open "SILENCE" between notes was downright spooky.
All I can say is just when you think it can't get any better , something this impactful ups your game another whole notch and you just keep shaking your head in disbelief. Thanks [Again] Pete.
I wouldn't get a PC for your Ayre without a demo first. Most people feel that the stock cord is the best sounding option. For other digital components, I would consider a JPS Labs Digital AC-x. For your amp, ESP Essence and the Richard Grey PC would be good choices.
I know Triode Wire Labs has a special cord for digital sources and its fairly priced. I love my TWL cords, though i dont have the digitally specific version. There is something very natural and organic sounding about Petes cables Great guy too. Plus a 30 day audition policy!! So that way you will know!!
Hello again David12, I was looking over your system components again and my bet is it probably leans a little bit onto the "revealing side" of midstream? A friend of mine had a pair of Daedalus speakers and aside from their gorgeous woodwork they were very eloquent with vocals and beautifully open and expressive. The ref 75 is probably the best sounding ARC amp made (not that I've heard them all but I have heard it several times and it's superb). Which power output tubes are you running? If you haven't tried the KT150's you owe it to yourself to do so...they are wonderful in that amp. Ironically you probably don't "Need" the extra power with those speakers but I'm sure they would add to the listening experience much more than you would imagine.
As for power cords the most important thing to do of course is to try until you find a winner which is fairly easy to do with outfits like the Cable company and any cable manufacturer who offers in home trial periods.
My enthusiasm for TWL cables is quite sincere, they really do open your system's heart and soul AND Pete offers a generous home trial period. Your stock cables can always be included with whatever equipment you're selling, just so the new owner can turn it on and know it works...otherwise just put them in an obscure box in a forgotten closet and get yourself something aftermarket. In my experience I know of no other easier way to find instant obvious improvement in your system than finding a well matched power cord for your system...it's worth the time.
Good luck with your search and happy Lissn'n!
Thanks for all the replies. Yes I do run the ARC 75 with KT150's and as you say, they do make a difference. I am going to take my unit to the dealer I bought the amp, to compare with an SE version of the 75, with all the Caps and wiring changes. I suspect there will be a big difference and I will go for the full SE upgrade
Have you considered Cabledyne? Based on a glowing review from Mono & Stereo it will be my next purchase when I pay things down.

All the best,
zd542....I have an all Ayre/Vandersteen system, and can tell you the stock cords are only a bit better than no cords at all.
"06-13-15: Stringreen
zd542....I have an all Ayre/Vandersteen system, and can tell you the stock cords are only a bit better than no cords at all."

So, are you saying the stock Ayre cords are good or bad? Reading your post, it looks like it can go either way. I really don't care for PC's on my Ayre gear.
I hate to say this because it shows how much of an audiophile i can be, but, based upon all of the comments in this thread, i emailed Pete at TWL to get his comments on what would work best for my system. A week later i had 2 digital, 1 HC Digital, and 1 ten plus in hand and then in my system.

My rational mind tells me that power cords should not make much difference, all I can say is, "Wow"! My system is much more musical and Pete does not lie about the cords adding PRaT. Very satisfied customer.

David12, If you haven't made a decision yet, I have to agree with the others to give TWL a try.
I got my first Triode Wire Labs powercord several years ago and since then have replaced my PCs one by one until now every component in the chain is powered by a TWL cord. I have been in this hobby for over 30 years and have never heard cords that do what these do an any price, never mind at what Pete charges. The 7+ sounds great on my ARC VT-200, I would think it will be a worthwhile upgrade for you Ref 75.

Even so, I certainly wouldn't advise you to take my word for it. TWL has a 30 day audition policy, so there is nothing to lose.

You really owe it to yourself to give these cables a try.