Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.

What are some other budget friendly preamps besides Schiit, the king of budget electronics? With similar quality of build and sound, both solid state or tube options would be welcome. 




I have 2 systems, one considerably higher than the other, and both are anchored by the Benchmark LA-4 pre -amp, balanced.  30 day trial period, guaranteed to keep. One of the best pieces of Audio equipment around, and actually priced reasonably, rare today. Robert TN

1+ on the LA4. I have been saying this for almost a decade now. I got laughed out of the "Best Amp" thread for saying this a few years ago. Using the LA4 or (Holo Serene preamp) with really great gear is not a mismatch.

Cheap killer preamp? The Chinese Weiliang-made MBL 6010d clone is just that. Just be shure to give it some good sounding op-amps. 

BB OPA627 single op-amps + 4xTexas Instruments LME49720 dual op-amps makes this into a balanced giant-killer. Extremely open and dynamic, wery low noise. It dissapears like a good pre should do and to a price..


 I have 2 old but nice Phase Linear pre-amps. However I want a remote and the Emotiva pre-amp for $500 looks ok to me. A friend of mine has Emotiva amps and Gallo surround system in his acoustically treated room - sounds fantastic.