Budget system for Rock and dance Music?

Hi there guys as much as I love my Luxman/harbeth combo for jazz and strings and vocals, sometimes I feel iam missing the dynamics i love from Rock music and some techno why not when I am in the mood to work out or feeling good evening.

Instead of starting all over I might can put together a second system in budget where I can spin this kind of music from Metallica, Iron Maiden etc, plus techno.

I am music lover as far as it can seems Ella F from DJ Tiesto,
its all about the music and the mood for the moment,
highly appreciated!

budget 1500 for amp and speakers,

regards and Buon Weekend!
Speaking for myself, you have nice electronics/speakers and it would seem a shame to spend the 1500 on a whole new system where the money has to start 'at the beginning again'...perhaps you could consider an upgrade which might take your current system up yet another great level and maintain what you love about it with greater dynamics/slam?

Low bass (exceptional sub...REL/JL Audio/Velodyne DD series) helps with techno and bass drum kicks for sure. Bass impact/slam typically is amp (go luxman monos?), or maybe speaker cables help a bit...Transparent Ref speaker cables are well regarded for slam.

Just a thought
How about a nice punchy pair of active speakers for rock?

And how important is bass in this equation?
I scored a pair of Altec Model 14's and a Sansui 9090DB for $800 on Craigslist - then scored a JBL 18 in a cab and a Peavey CS-400X for an additional $500. I shelled out another $75 for an EV xover. ItÂ’s all in the garage and it will rock your world ...
Does your luxman have B outputs? A pair of Klipsch Heresey or even bigger will fit the bill.
Cerwin Vega 215's are excellent for dance music and stuff like that. I don't know what the current version is, but they sell for like $600+. I wouldn't buy them used, as the types that go for this type of speaker certainly must have blasted the crap out of it. For an amp, maybe a Cambridge Audio 651 at about $700. It has tone controls, which you probably should have for a system like that. The only thing is, you probably want to play music pretty loud, which means you should look into a higher powered amp. It will mean you're going over budget, but there's no sense buying something you won't be happy with. Best of luck and hold onto your wallet.