Budget Table?

hey now! so this forum has proven itself an invaluable for my new disease of audiophellia...anyway i am currently enjoying my MMF 2.1 t/t with the Grado Gold cart, but i am already looking to the horizon for an upgrade. this got me to wondering: is it possible to get a better table for less? i plan on keeping the grado gold and will be keeping my jolida 302b and bellari VP129, but i am considering a new t/t. i've looked at the MT10 by mcintosh and the marantz s15, but i'd like to find one of those great tables that are considered budget and preform like a high end table. is there such a thing? any ideas?
Honestly, I think you've got one of the best budget tables out there. So my answer would be "no, I don't think it's possible to get a better table for less." The only other suggestion I could make would be something used for around what you've already spent, even then, you might have to search for a while to get a price that good. MMF-5, Rega P2/P3 or Goldring/NAD equivalents are all good candidates. I've heard all and I like them all for different reasons. Regas and their derivatives provide the most opportunities for upgrades, take a look at just how many upgrades there are for the Rega RB250 alone:


and that's just from one company....

I do really like the features of the MMF-5 though. The record clamp, adjustable VTA, nice plinth, etc. I think the modded Regas have a clear edge over the MMF-5 anyday, but the MMF-5 has it over a stock Rega.
I own one but even before I had one of my own I thought the SOTA Star/Saphire tables are both very good looking and great performers. I have a Rega RB300 arm on mine and when you total up the fact it has a great suspension you can wrap your knuckles on the plinth and it never transmits to arm, Vacuum hold down for warped records, 33 and 45 RPM the SOTA reflex clamp all incased in a beautiful wood cabinet its a real winner!