Budget tower speakers that rock!

Hey all!
First timer in here. I know how subjective this gets but I'll ask anyway... I'm looking for a pair of budget tower speakers (under $1000) that really cook w/ rock n roll music. Vintage is OK. I want to play them loud and I like solid bottom end extension. Maybe it's not the most refined sound in the world, but these speakers would (in theory) be exciting to listen to...meaning I'm not concerned w/ a neutral delivery. Again, I know a good speaker is a good speaker regardless of the genre of music being played...but humor me. What do you think are some decent choices to consider? Also, I play mostly vinyl on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon thru an Outlaw SS2150. Thanks!
Look at some of the Tekton offerings Lore Reference etc
Jamo;Fluance to add a couple of choices.
Hi Sam! A few speakers that I owned that fit the sound profile you are looking for are Klipsch KLF 20 or 30, Vandersteen 2ce, Kef XQ5.  The Vandersteens were my favorite though!

Axeman reminded me of another one I owned and liked... the Jamo Concert 11. These are on a higher level than 99% of everything else Jamo has ever made...