Budget tower speakers that rock!

Hey all!
First timer in here. I know how subjective this gets but I'll ask anyway... I'm looking for a pair of budget tower speakers (under $1000) that really cook w/ rock n roll music. Vintage is OK. I want to play them loud and I like solid bottom end extension. Maybe it's not the most refined sound in the world, but these speakers would (in theory) be exciting to listen to...meaning I'm not concerned w/ a neutral delivery. Again, I know a good speaker is a good speaker regardless of the genre of music being played...but humor me. What do you think are some decent choices to consider? Also, I play mostly vinyl on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon thru an Outlaw SS2150. Thanks!
Tekton Double Impacts if you want to hear what drums are supposed to sound like
So many great ideas here. I appreciate all of the responses. Good people, you hi-fi folks! Time for the full story... I've had Zu Dirty Weekends on order since October. Finally, I have the invoice. I can pay the balance owed and they will be sent to me on Monday. Thing is during this long wait I've had second thoughts and wondered about some other options. (That's what some of us do, I guess. Never really satisfied! And I don't even have the speakers yet!) I also have an amp w/ A/B speaker capability and have enjoyed flipping between two pairs for a slightly different experience. I had a pair of the Pioneer Andrew Jones towers and sold them. I had an old pair of Klipsch KG2s and sold those as well. If I spend the full boat on the Zu speakers it'll be awhile before I add a second pair again. As a result, I'm laboring over this decision. I'm going to make the decision today and move forward. Thank you all again for the excellent input. Given my affliction, I'm sure I'll get around to some of these ideas one way or another. Cheers.
Music Direct has sale price on Klipsch RP-8000F.  Right at $1000, they’re efficient (i.e., will play loud), and go down to about 30hz.
Another vote for the JBL Studio 590, but not at $700 each.  JBL puts them on sale frequently for $1k a pair, free shipping.  Check them out.