Budget tower speakers that rock!

Hey all!
First timer in here. I know how subjective this gets but I'll ask anyway... I'm looking for a pair of budget tower speakers (under $1000) that really cook w/ rock n roll music. Vintage is OK. I want to play them loud and I like solid bottom end extension. Maybe it's not the most refined sound in the world, but these speakers would (in theory) be exciting to listen to...meaning I'm not concerned w/ a neutral delivery. Again, I know a good speaker is a good speaker regardless of the genre of music being played...but humor me. What do you think are some decent choices to consider? Also, I play mostly vinyl on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon thru an Outlaw SS2150. Thanks!
With the ribbon tweeter and drivers that really punch I would say Martin Login tower 40s. Used under $1000. No sub needed hear and highs that will have your neighbors complaining. If you are near Chicagoland area check out https://holmaudio.com/used-demo-new/
if you are not try to find them. I was amazed by how much these speakers handled everything. Tube and SS sounded incredible. 
Plus one for anything from PSB, select Klipsch and Polk, or anything used from Monitor Audio or B&W. 
I'm giving another nod for you to look at Fluance speakers made in Canada.  Well built and good sounding at very wallet-friendly prices.  Last year I set up a fourth listening room in my house that was a very simple analog setup -- Integrated Tube Amp, Phono Stage, Turntable, and Speakers. 

I'd read several excellent reviews on Fluance components, so I took advantage of their Trial At Home offer and bought their top level turntable, the RT85 which came with an Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus (a steal at $499.99) and their Signature Model Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers (again, an incredible bargain at $799.99).  Fluance offers Free Shipping and a 30 Day Free Return Policy.

That listening room has gotten a ton of use by myself and friends, and it performs ridiculously above its total investment price point of components.  I use that room to prove to my vinyl-loving music friends that you don't have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on expensive high-end gear to enjoy great sound.

Other speaker options I have used and enjoyed are Monitor Audio Silver and Bronze model floorstanding speakers and Klipsch Forte II speakers.  I have seen all of these for sale in the Pre-Owned marketplace that fits in your budget.  Happy hunting!
Happy New Year! I thought I would come back in and perhaps put a cap on this thread...at least from my perspective. The Zu Audio Dirty Weekend pair was delivered to my door yesterday. I've got them hooked up and I think the simplest compliment I can make is that my music collection has never sounded so good. I'm enjoying everything I play right now--it all sounds involving, energetic and strong from these speakers. I've turned the volume knob to about 40% and found myself grinning ear to ear. Rush-Moving Pictures (recent vinyl reissue) made me feel 16 again. Lou Reed-Transformer (also a recent vinyl reissue) felt real in my room. The vocals seemed to image right over my shoulders. And now The National-Sleep Well Beast is pulsing in the room. Again, the vocals seem to be a strength here. I will say I think there is room to dial these in some more w/ positioning etc. Anyway, I'll stop now. I'm feeling very good about my purchase. Admittedly, the bar was low. Thank you for your input. I hope we all find some hi-fi nirvana this year. For me, 2021 is off to a great start!