budget towers? $500/pair

I am a novice in the knowledge of world of high-end audio equipment. I am looking to buy two very budget-minded towers that will fill a small/medium sized room for movies/music. I have a set of yamaha HS80m studio monitors along with the matching sub, and I am very happy with how these sound within a 5' foot range (i.e at my desk mixing music etc). However, these speakers do not seem to have a room filling sound any farther away than a desk seated position in relation to them on account that they are near-field monitors. Does anyone have advice as to whether or not I should stick it out with current monitors or upgrade to a 2.1 tower config for movies/music and if so which brand/model?
Would anyone recommend Wharfedale Diamond 9.6's? Transnova posted a good link to tsto.com and those are on there in my exact price zone.
Go to Audio Advisors website, many good towers at discounted price, here's one for Athena's:

Look at these right here on agon Legacy Super Satellites,forget tower speakers
How big is your room and how loud do you listen? Vandersteen 2C will not tolerate high volume for long periods of time. It will cause permanent damage to the crossover. It's an inherent problem with Vandersteens.