Budget Tube Amp (newbie)

I'm new to tube amps. I need some advice as to a good budget tube amp with good bass that will push my large Advent speakers. Please keep in mind that I don't know anything about tube amps and don't want to pull the trigger until I can get some advice. I'm new to the Forum. Many thanks from an old guy.
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Never heard the RM10 but really enjoy el84's! 35 is a lot of watts to ask of those little tubes - really cool! 
The RM10 gets rave reviews, but it is a power amp so you will need a preamp. A passive may work, but if not you’ll need to add an active preamp. In both scenarios you’ll also need to audition and purchase interconnects.
For your first foray into tubes, I suggest you go for an integrated. As far as unrefined sound goes, that can usually be treated by rolling in different tubes.

Have you looked at a used PrimaLuna? They present the warmth that you liked from the Dynaco.

Second for good value with Jolida/Black Ice. I have Jolida separates and they sound great and were an excellent value. I also have an older Jolida integrated amp but it needs some relatively expensive repairs so it sits in my basement. 
Many thanks for all the input. I may be leaning to a USED integrated Jolida or Prima Luna depending on the price. I've gotten some input regarding not sure if a 35 WPC integrated tube amp will push the Large Advent I have. All input is welcome!
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check out decware.com - made in Joliet, IL. Top quality sound, build and service.