Build a Faraday cage around your equipment.

I just realized that there is an abundance of Material (cloth) that has EMF blocking characteristics on the market now. Considering it is a woven material flexible and can be easily sewn by ordinary means, this could easily be used to create a simple form of a faraday cage around your high end stereo equipment. They even have Curtains for your windows. I intend to experiment with it and have already started looking at potential heat problems and effectiveness of ONLY a partial cage, because of course you want to leave much of the Front and back of your equipment open. I believe it has a lot of potential in stopping interference between individual pieces of your equipment package and especially for those who like me have their setup contained in a rack/structure of some kind. There are numerous places that can be approached like even laying a sheet of the material over cable runs to keep out stray signals. This can be done in simple ways or you could get very deeply involved in configuring everything in the system to incorporate the blocking material. Some simple places it could be utilized are simply a sheet of it placed on a shelf before placing the equipment on it or as a simple barrier between pieces of equipment.  Attention to the types of material should be considered a high level of concern as the different types have different characteristics. Has anyone else experimented with this?


Since a solid metal cage provides the best protection, you might just ground all of your equipment and make sure that all cables are properly shielded.

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First off, I will say it again, the use of the term 'Faraday Cage' is JUST and analogy. A TAG LINE! Get that and I think that most arguments here go away. I Am JUST talking about a VERY inexpensive piece of cloth, that doesn't take up any practical space, that MIGHT provide a modicum of, blocking out stray signals for nearby equipment. Though I did mention that I really expect some High Roller lining his newly built listening room with the material to totally block out the outside influences. About 'Just getting properly shielded cables everywhere,
Which cables are the RIGHT ones. Aren't there about 59,684,783,264 different cables on the market and don't people here spend hours arguing which ones are the best?  And like 'Carlsbad2 mentioned, he doesn't have ANY shielded cables. WHY  I'll never figure out, but he does have that right. Technically lining everything with solid metal is NOT as secure as a properly perforated metal, BUT that also limits the frequency's that are blocked out. I am an advanced class HAM radio operator and one of my specialties is Antennas and signal propagation. I know just a tiny bit about the subject.
Finally when posting through the last 25 years on many sites I have learned that typos are not that great of a problem. That is unless you have some magical thingie-Mcbob called software to check your clumsy fingers or lack of spelling. And don't get me wrong there, as MY spelling is probably the second worse in the world. I have also be educated that WORDS have meaning, just as in the issue in this post. A seemingly innocent typo or misspelled word turned the meaning totally on its head and ended up conveying 'HATRED'. I don't mind getting poked in the ribs once in a while, but it has become an obsession on this site. I had to create an whole new ID due to it, as the administration couldn't even fix the errors caused by what may have well just been simple fun gone wrong.
I know I come up with some out of the ordinary topics, but that is why I am here. I get tired of seeing the same story over and over about "which speaker is best". I don't know why but sore some dumb reason I think this site could be so much more. Especially when the users here presumably have such extended taste and expertise than the average. OPINIONS should be Freely discussed and the snarky responses kept to a minimum if we want to keep this site a GREAT place for Audiophile information.

Interesting matter and thread... And i think your thinking and opinion are interesting... We can discuss as friends and learn... And if we disagree it must be just an interesting discussion... Insults are only proof that someone is not very gifted... Welcome here...

By the way i am not interested either  by what cables are the best nor which speakers are the best... Anyway i am now on headphone and did not need to know which one is the best because i already know it... 😁😉😊