Build a Faraday cage around your equipment.

I just realized that there is an abundance of Material (cloth) that has EMF blocking characteristics on the market now. Considering it is a woven material flexible and can be easily sewn by ordinary means, this could easily be used to create a simple form of a faraday cage around your high end stereo equipment. They even have Curtains for your windows. I intend to experiment with it and have already started looking at potential heat problems and effectiveness of ONLY a partial cage, because of course you want to leave much of the Front and back of your equipment open. I believe it has a lot of potential in stopping interference between individual pieces of your equipment package and especially for those who like me have their setup contained in a rack/structure of some kind. There are numerous places that can be approached like even laying a sheet of the material over cable runs to keep out stray signals. This can be done in simple ways or you could get very deeply involved in configuring everything in the system to incorporate the blocking material. Some simple places it could be utilized are simply a sheet of it placed on a shelf before placing the equipment on it or as a simple barrier between pieces of equipment.  Attention to the types of material should be considered a high level of concern as the different types have different characteristics. Has anyone else experimented with this?


I created years ago my "golden plate" as protection and filters : shungite+copper...I used  as many as 50 as part of my electrical embeddings control.. ...With headphone i used them around my amplifier  and no more in the electrical grid of the house because i sold my house and speakers now... ...



I got mine for an off the wall company, but I know that Amazon sells the materials as well as some specialized companies that deal wiht ONLY this type of product:


I couldn’t help but crack up at your ’human Faraday cage’. Lol!


I find it interesting and timely that I am in the process of putting up for sale my DIY Faraday based interconnects and speaker cable, which are actually quite good! And if not for my curiosity of your post, I would not have known that @mahgister is back!


It’s just good to see you, our favorite audio alchemist here! And to welcome you back, soon, I’m going to go over to Audiogon’s ’Jazz for aficionados’ and post some early Brazilian jazz for you. Not to be confused with Brazilian Bossa Nova!


Most pieces of electronic equipment that has a metal outer case or cabinet already has the principles and all the protection of a Faraday cage. There is no problem to solve here. There is nothing in your home that will be affecting that gear that is solved by doing anything such as creating another Faraday cage around the gear. All the gear we are talking about is created by electrical engineers who have a very complete understanding of all of this from about the second day of school. Unless you are living in a power transfer station and your stereo is 3" under a giant transformer or something, there is no issue :-) 


Phone Faraday pouch

One reviewer (5th on down) mentioned that this Faraday pouch blocked radio cell signals but not Wi-Fi. Thought I heard somewhere that Wi-Fi might be more problematic than radio for sound systems.