Build a new system around pair of Snell Alll's?

Due to setting up a second home (in Austin), I have the opportunity to set up a new system around my Snell Alll's. Fortunately, it will be a bigger room and I do plan to make it a HT system although my main interest is to max stereo listening. I've had them on a B&K AVR707 and really enjoyed the clarity and neutrality I got. But feel the staging was too shallow which crunched the imaging. Without having any real tube experience I think I may be a SS listener at heart. The "peach fuzz" feel of tubes I've heard described seems unappealing. What I am convinced of is need to get much more power to the Snells. I know there's a ton of variables here but appreciate any suggestions from those who may be familiar with these beauties. Thanks
Frogman, Sorta been occupied with other stuff lately. My current direction is headed towards a tube pre with strong SS amps. The combo that really lit the Snells was the Audio Research Ref 5 and the Sanders Magtech. I'm watching for a Ref 3 as a possible substitute and still haven't heard the JC-1's. Which I really want to hear. The house remodel is taking longer (who could've guessed, right?) so I still have time to continue the search. Thanks for checking. Best.

It's been a while since you've posted, so I don't know where you are in the process, but I'll offer a suggestion. I own the Sanders 10c with two Magtechs (individually driving the transmission line and the 'stat panels). After having been extremely impressed by the Zesto Andros phono stage, I recently acquired a Zesto Leto line stage. I am not exaggerating when I say that it is perhaps the best preamp that I've ever owned. Just offering this as an alternative to your Audio Research possibilities.

If you're ever down towards Houston, feel free to drop in for a listen.

Got a great deal on a McIntosh C2300 tube Pre to go with the Sanders Magtech. Now I'm waiting for the house remodel to finish so I can get the The system set up and burning in! Boy am i chopping at the bit!
Excellent. Best of luck to you and good listening always.

Hope the remodel goes well. I'll be passing through Austin next week on my way to our new home (only a frame as I write this) just outside of Fredericksburg.