Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?

No opera or rap in the three must haves. Sorry.


I forgot to add The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals (Analogue Productions).

Don’t let the cheesy name fool you, this is a fantastic sampler of great artists, great recordings and a great pressing - if you like female vocals.

Great for showcasing your system as well.

So for fun, I would offer three Christian music classics. Every song on these albums are very good and the production is extremely solid.


Larry Norman - "In Another Land"

Randy Stonehill - "Welcome to Paradise"

Mark Heard - "Appalachian Melody"


and two others

Michael and Stormie Omartian - "Seasons of the Soul"

Phil Keaggy - "What A Day"


- The Band: Music From Big Pink.

- The Band: s/t (the "brown" album).

- Either Iris DeMent’s My Life (critic Robert Christgau gave it an A+ grade) or John Hiatt’s Bring The Family.

All four are, imo, perfect albums.


I remember seeing and thinking about that as well as one for male singers ,

thanks for the reminder , I'll look for that .