Building a new system after many years away, need some suggestions ... !

Thanks for the help all.... All opinions welcomed !!!

I have been away from high end audio for 10+ years but my wife expressed intreest in collecting vinal. I bought my wife a turntable ATLP-7 and of course you know what happened... and here I am. The reason I was away for some time is I am a pretty accomplished musician and I have a recording studio with state of the art digital recording, Apogee Digital, Neve , Avalon, and API etc... class A preamps and speakers (top of the line Focals etc..) but man somehow records still sound so magical, almost like nothing is between you and the live analog microphone feed.

I used to own a Audible Illusions M3A, Quicksilver M60 monoblocks, silver audio cable and Vandersteen’s but sold it when I moved to buy my bigger house.

I have some active speakers and the turntable for her now need a real preamp etc...but want to put a full system together again with some floor standing speakers (full range not necessary) Polk r700’s ?

I was wondering if the tube pre’s were still worth it with tech coming pretty far in the last 10 years. I imagine the SS measures better now. Im open to differnt opintions. In the end for her and I it’s more about that enjoyment more than me feeling like I’m mastering something.


Of course I’m looking at the Audible 3B but it's a lot of spend on a pre but will.... I do think I want to go SS on the Power Amp this time but again open. Currently have an old Rotel here that may get used for a bit as I get the speakers and other pieces together.


Any suggestions welcomed !


Thanks !



An old Rotel amp sounds good to me! Just add a pair of Elipson Heritage XLS 15 and you're done! You'll get the "full range". These speakers sound fantastic and they're 92db sensitive so the old Rotel won't break a sweat. The argument for tubes is brought up, but I doubt that it's really essential. 

Sometimes you can gain better treble/midrange clarity by getting your amp serviced. It's a night and day difference coming from a dark/warm sound to a more analytical sound. This happened to me with my 1979 Continental Edison amp. 


Have you purchased a power amp yet?

I have AI M3B and a new Quicksilver KT mono. I feel that they match pretty well. I think it will be a big improvement over your old quicksilver. 

I have another set of amp/preamp (upgraded Plinius SA102 and M16P). 

I like both setup. If I were to choose, I would say that Quicksilver + Audible Illusions is a tiny bit better overall.

Roger sanders sound, …..maxed out odyssey monos,


axiom speaker pair Dynaudio, KEF, Polk, SVS, Martin Logan, acoustic energy

always think of Energy, we all know what klipschi** did to them.

klipschi* was jealous they had a superior product, so they closed doors on them!🤬🤬🤬


Can you PLEASE give us an idea of your budget as was previously asked?  Sheesh.