Building an all analog system around Magnepan .7 for 4K and under

Dear Friends, 
My wife and I are professional musicians, and we are saving up for a system to listen to mainly classical and jazz on vinyl. I'm a jazz drummer, and she is a classical double bassist. The more realistic our system is to our real instruments, the happier we are. We will be using this in a medium/smallish 12' x 11' room. 

We will not need a dac, just speakers, amp, turntable. We prefer an integrated amp with a phono preamp, to keep the set up simple as possible but we can consider buying an external phono preamp,

I've read recommendations for for Rogue Sphinx and Pioneer Plx-1000 to go with this system, but I was wondering if there are any other suggestions for our needs. We are also open to set ups that we can build on in the future, Like buying a Nad C 375 BEE and bridging it with a C 275BEE couple of years down the road, or buying a subwoofer later. 

Thanks again for your input, 

Unless you already have the Maggie .7’s, for a room the size of yours I would reconsider getting them. They need to be a minimum of 3’ from the wall behind them, 5’ being much better. A 12’ x 11’ room is really too small for Maggies, unfortunately---I love them too!
if you find the .7 too big for your room, I highly recommend the 3 piece Mini-Maggie system...I used it in a room your size and sounded great...about the same price as the .7
I second the mini maggie system, but with a dynamic sub.. As much power as you can throw at them is what I would recommend. I have both the older 1.5qr's and the mmgs. The bigger maggies have more bass but that didn't wake up until I gave it a kilowatt per channel.