Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II

“For those who want the moon but can't afford it or those who can afford it but like to have fun and work with their hands, I'm willing to give out a recipe for a true high-end 'table which is easy to do, and fun to make as sky's the limit on design/creativity! The cost of materials, including 'table, is roughly $200 (depending, more or less), and add to that a Rega tonearm. The results are astonishing. I'll even tell/show you how to make chipboard look like marble and fool and impress all your friends. If there's interest I'll get on with this project, if not, I'll just continue making them in my basement. The next one I make will have a Corian top and have a zebra stripe pattern! Fun! Any takers?”

The Lead in “Da Thread” as posted by Johnnantais - 2-01-04

Let the saga continue. Sail on, oh ships of Lenco!
There is a big difference between not liking the Lenco and not liking a reality-twisting gasbag. Disdaining one and appreciating the other seems to be widely practiced.
Steve, So are you saying that you personally have compared a Teres rim driven tt to a max'd out Lenco or Garrard and that the results are resoundingly in favor of the former? If not, then aren't you being as guilty as Jean of turntable Chauvinism? But if you have done the comparison, under valid conditions, I'd like to know.
There's more than one way to skin a cat, and as always Vetterone, you choose to ignore the reports of Lencos beating EMTs, reported by their very owners (not all Lenco implementations are created equal, I am only interested in realizing the idler potential). The 80-pound plinth a band-aid? Might as well say as well the 70-pound platter is a band-aid (used in many belt-drives, and some at even greater weight/mass... a band-aid to cover speed instabilities...if looked at Vetterone's way). Where's the difference? And if it works, then your whole argument is moot, as it is (ALL solutions to problems of implementation of systems are in this sense band-aids, like the complex electronics necessary to make direct drive work without sounding like crap). Fact is, a large inert mass is necessary to realize the Lenco potential (made potent by direct coupling), and the potential of most if not all idler-wheel drives (as the comparions between the Cain & Cain Garrard and the Giant Direct Coupled Garrard testifies). Not all implementations are created equal.

And, despite the various personalities who have tried again and again to misrepresent my activities as aimed only at promoting Lencos the better to dishonestly discredit (i.e. "misrepresent") me - "Remember all, the Mighty Lenco is merely a tool (being cheap, and this is the real reason for the attacks, not to mention lowly envy/personal attacks/gadflies) to make the Greatness of the Idler-Wheel Drive known, and this has been a tremendous success..." - I have ALWAYS made clear that the Lenco was simply a means to demonstrating to the world the greatness of the idler-wheel drive system in general. More, these idler activities and discussions of speed stability and drive systems led to such companies as Teres and now VPI to reconsider the idler-wheel drive, and led to Teres' current rim drive, much as they may deny it.

As always and since the beginning, I have nothing to hide and do not operate from blind prejudice. I encouraged the world to rebuild the Lencos away from my control and report in public their findings. This is called a search for the actual facts. Lo and behold it turned out the whole world was wrong (except for perhaps two fellows, ignored and shouted down), the Lenco WAS brilliant as I claimed, and the idler-wheel system much better than generally thought. And fact is, nothing has yet managed to even come close to a Giant Direct Coupled Lenco as I have advised be made (tricky and difficult to implement, but as Tunin4fun, the owner of a collection of Garrards and EMTs demonstrated, well worth the effort). This philosophy of truthful enquiry (i.e. get people to try it in their own systems) led, due to its incredible success, to the longest-running thread in audio history at the time it was deleted, and sparked dedicated websites. And, as I wrote, the Teres will prove itself superior - or not - to the Lenco when it is compared to a Giant Direct-Coupled Lenco in the same process of actual comparison THEN judgment, as I have written previously.

Jejune, good moniker, if you haven't heard a Lenco then just stick to your prejudices. In the meantime, I will continue to encourage actual comparisons and experience of the reality until the Lenco meets its match, and the idler wheel drive has been accurately placed in engineering history. The whole point of this review. When you have something constructive and not ugly to add, feel free to return. To those watching, I do occasionally get irritated by these constant and unecessary ugly personal attacks, and occasionally lose my cool and reply (who wouldn't?). I always regret this, but if I were NOT this way, people like Jejune would have played pile on the rabbit (as they do and in fact did in the beginning over on that other forum) and would have crushed the whole Lenco/Idler venture early on, and the current Teres rim-drive would almost certainly not exist, and many would still jump on any who dared mention an idler/rim-drive in the same breath as a belt-drive (ditto for DD), as the case was when I started, and many now converted would still be miserably listening to their over-priced belt-drives. Thanks for making my point Jejune, keep it up.

To all who are watching, I have ALWAYS put my money where my mouth is, and thrown down the gauntlet, meaning that, I leave it to actual comparison - i.e. testing the theory (say, that the Teres with its 70-pound platter as opposed to the Lenco with its 70-pound plinth is superior) - to decide the issue, not endless and ugly personal attacks of the sort put forward by, say, Jejune. I have always tried to stick to the subject - TEST the theory, compare. I have NEVER initiated ugly personal attacks, and only very rarely responded in kind (and always at a MUCH lower level of ugliness), as is a matter of public record (for those who are interested in the truth and not their own prejudices/hatreds).

So, this is the point of the Lenco review, which, assuming it is ever released from Customs and the review to proceed (I'm beginning to wonder): a first professional and OBJECTIVE review of the Lenco, which will open the door to others, as has already happened for the Garrards and the Thorenses. THEN, with the years (evidently) we will know the truth of the matter, a first review is just an opening of the door.

Now, tomorrow I head to Egypt to bring costs down and see something REALLY interesting (though Jerusalem is an enormous buzz, incredible city which has me grinning like a Cheshire cat whenever I step into the electric souk/bazaaar streets), and from there I will have only very spotty acess to the internet, so feel free to indulge in yet more ugly personal attacks concerned fellows!! Erase me from my own activities, take credit, and use my own self-defense as an excuse to develop fresh venom. For thinking men (and for venomous "men" try to rise above the muck), keep an open mind and stick to the subject: I say the idler-wheel system is the best yet devised, let's actually test this out, avoid venom, and see. The Idler Wheel Revival taking place around the world is indeed very strong evidence for this, and even Teres' new rim-drive attests to it!

And finally, for those who just don't get it: this whole audio thing is just a tiny part of my life, and rather unimportant actually, except as it pertains to truth, I'm not an Audio Trekkie. My REAL passion, evidently, is seeing the world on extended months-long and years-long voyages, having adventures in unplanned fashion, and seeing what comes next (in fact, this whole Lenco venture is an example of this itself, an unplanned Movement rising from the Void). Throw in love/romance/women, fine foods and exotic or otherwise live music, and you have Jean, trapped between trips in Canada one fine winter, out of boredom remembering the anger he felt when he realized he and the world has been duped as far as the idler was concerned (on one of these trips/adventures, in Helsinki, with a beautiful woman), and starting a thread with the words Home Despot in them. It turned out to be a tremendous success, and became an enormous responsibility, which, Bohemian as I am, I feel intensely. This is the ONLY reason - and the pursuit and demonstration of the truth - I continue with this. I have often wondered if I should just disappear, but this would be granting to various ugly characters an undeserved victory, yet another responsibility. In other words, life, love, experience, are all FAR more important that audio, but audio too is a microcosm of the world, with its battles of truth vs deception, and even here, it seems, the battle must be fought. Be nice if the battles were more often about logic and evidence though, and less often - or not at all - envy, spite and status. I do, however, TRULY look forward to the day when I can with clear conscience be free of it, maybe even by the end of this trip!

In honour of Music, which IS an important experience/activity I grant you all, I go to hear a Bach performance in a courtyard next to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre tonight, and refresh my ears as to the sound of real instruments, in an amazing setting (just the way I like it). So, Vive la Lenco (which even if it turns out not to be the best is an incredible Gift), Vive la Idler (ditto), be back participating, if at all, likely aftere the review. Enjoy your summer all!!
Ever since I sent you an e-mail a couple of years ago that mentioned the use of direct coupling in my DIY project, you just keep using the phrase. Is that a soundbite, or what? The idea is old as the hills, and gunmakers have used it in reference to stock bedding for an eternity, yet you lay claim to it by beating the words into the ground. Most every turntable out there is direct coupled. The Rek-O-Kut is by default, so it isn't some recent discovery among turntable manufacturers, either. Why don't you consider giving it a rest?
Hi Jean,

You’re quite the lightning rod, wherever in the world you are. To echo Grant’s sentiment – enjoy your travels and come back safe. Your point of where audio fits into life’s scheme is well taken. The welcoming smile from an unprestigious tolltaker is always to be valued more than the grudging nod from a titan of industry. Reviewed or not, we all know what we’ve got in the Lenco and its ability to bring smiles to the unpretentious.

While this thread teeters between becoming moribund and generating more heat than light, you’ll be happy to know that the groundswell of Lenco and Idler building continues outside borders of AudiogoN. Not only in the dedicated magnet realms that you mentioned, but also in that huge proletariat site we spoke of last year. The idler trickle-down is happening!

Funny, I’ve been through “Da” original “Thread” twice now, and I could find no place where you claimed to be the originator or inventor of any scientific principles as applied to the Lenco build. Certainly, there was a justifiable pride in application and development, but how that transforms in other minds as self-promotion is a mystery to me. More to point, it was a generous sharing of your time, effort and knowledge – a gift to individuals and to “the cause”.

“I have tremendous respect for these great pieces of audio history. They still can make a lot of modern and exspensive belt drives sound absolutely broken! No question. And when on a budget, the Lenco is THE king of the hill.”
- Steve - aka Vetterone

In reviewing the header post on what got this all started – I'd take this as a concession that you delivered the goods as promised.

Enjoy, and hope to see you when you get back.

- Mario