Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II

“For those who want the moon but can't afford it or those who can afford it but like to have fun and work with their hands, I'm willing to give out a recipe for a true high-end 'table which is easy to do, and fun to make as sky's the limit on design/creativity! The cost of materials, including 'table, is roughly $200 (depending, more or less), and add to that a Rega tonearm. The results are astonishing. I'll even tell/show you how to make chipboard look like marble and fool and impress all your friends. If there's interest I'll get on with this project, if not, I'll just continue making them in my basement. The next one I make will have a Corian top and have a zebra stripe pattern! Fun! Any takers?”

The Lead in “Da Thread” as posted by Johnnantais - 2-01-04

Let the saga continue. Sail on, oh ships of Lenco!
Good for you Jean, the six moons thing was exciting, but those types of publications are still tailored for the price no object crowd whom are not usually DIY types, no sweat, the Lenco continues to amaze all whom endeavor to build one.

I'm still amazed at my giant with my Sakuma San arm and re-tipped 103.
but why can't Johnnantais just send a Lenco to the 6moons guys without all this ado. I am now refurbishing a Thorens and can't see why he can't just finish the thing somewhere and ship it to them. What am I missing? Seems curious that the Lenco went missing long enough to cancel the review.

If Johnnantais wanted to really get the word out he would have made the handoff to the 6moons guys. Customs issues for a seasoned world traveler? C'mon, whuts up?

BTW, I haven't invented anything and I don't want no credit for anything.
Always have to bring it back to the same old muck, issues of "credit," the same stuff which has poisoned what should have been an entirely pleasurable - if sometimes stormy (on issues of engineering, measurements, results/experiments, etc.) - venture. Customs on imported things is an entirely different issue from crossing borders with a passport: I have never, until the Home Despot thing started, dealt with exporting and importing, beyond using the post office (and yes, even here things were sometimes delayed by months). If you use your head instead of your venom-sacks, you might see that many are in the export-import business for decades without ever leaving their home town (including Customs officials who never see more than stamps and places of origin), while travellers like me do not deal with Customs ever, beyond waiting for a shipped package and paying duties. The HUGE summer back-up overextended my own resources and time as well as the magazine's schedule, end of story. BTW, I never invented anything either, nor claimed to (which you would know if you weren't simply another purveyor of ugly hearsay with no interest in examining the public record and discovering the truth), just recognized and understood certain things, tinkered with and in some cases improved what had already been tried, and did what I could to promote it: i.e. start the "Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot" thread, do my bit to encourage people to participate by example and logical argument, and participate in various vinyl forums. It's the thread's success - NOT failures - which attracted the flies, or in this more particular case "gadflies", an apter description I cannot find. Now can we PLEASE get back to the issues: drive systems, idler-wheel drives, and Lencos?!?

This thread and the original - along with activites across many audio forums - is the collection of the independent testimony of people - the owners of the 'tables outperformed by the Lenco and other large idlers - and this is more than good enough, in fact, it's a phenomenon involving people from around the world, and which continues. I've personally learned my lesson and will not be seeking official channels again, my luck just doesn't run that way, and this is how I make my decisions (learned by months-long sometimes years-long travels with no plans, I know when a path is not my own). Lencos and other idlers will continue to be compared and auditioned - in greater and greater numbers - around the world, and how these eventually reach the audio press (and they already have in a few articles) is only a spectator sport for me from now on as far as I'm concerned (far too many non-performance related issues for my tastes, which is precisely why audio forums are so popular; better acidental discoveries - as in the positive-feedback TNT vs Garrard article - than planned reviews).

To the rest, getting back to original issues and the fun of discovery, the Lencos and other idlers - mine and others world-wide - will continue to be compared and reported on, on this forum as well as others. As with the crows, the constant addition of what is initially dismissed as/termed "anecdotal evidence" will, by its very weight and numbers, become simply "evidence". So don't stop building, don't stop comparing and experimenting, don't stop trying it out and tracking down those old machines, and best of all, don't stop reporting and sharing! To those who haven't tried, you have no idea of just how much MUSICAL information (as well as ENORMOUS amounts of detail) is waiting in those vinyl grooves waiting to be released, and you truly are missing a grand experience. Good luck all and have FUN, and share with generosity of time AND spirit, in a positive spirit of helpfulness. See ya all when I get back to Canada and have time to recover from all these adventures (for instance, it was HELL to get out of Israel, as both the Jewish New Year's AND Muslim Ramadan started the same day I arrived in Israel). And to be more specific re. the EMT/Rek-o-Kut comparison: the EMT had the same character/sound as the Rek-o-Kut Rondine I heard via the same speakers (I'm NOT saying equalivalent in audiophile terms), and I am truly dying to see how far the Rondine can go when Direct Coupled. Vive la Lenco, Vive la Idler Wheel!
To the unbelievers!
The Lenco is indeed a FANTABULOUS machine!!!
As to Jean's great efforts to prove the Lencos attributes- dead on stability, clean, quiet and and vibrant dynamics- attributes which allow the cartridge to ride in the groove with such incredible accuracy, my LPs bring chills both mellow and exciting- ignore the fools who don't want to believe, the ones who will only listen to some high paid reviewer, right or wrong, and allow them to form their opinions for them. (Remember, it means more Lencos for us).
Thanks Jean. Sorry about the customs frustration. I've had items sit in Italy and Korea for weeks. I understand.
I believe. I got an idler. I'd get a Lenco if they were laying around. don't pride yourself on finding something that people have been doing for a while on their own. sheesh.

So I guess the Johnnantais gave me his comeuppance. I guess I am all pro the idler and a wee bit all blanched out on the Johnnantais cult.

I guess you cannot say anything even slightly off color about the Johnnantais or you get an attitude from him and a lot of puffery.

I don't care really. Well I am off to bed now one and all. To dream idler dreams. I will arise tomorrow and sniff the thinning air for idler parts and make my daily trip to the Home Depot in Calais. Rhodes will see me next where I will bluster and puff my way through a powdery cloud of hoofah.

you guys have GOT to be joking.