Building second system around Harbeth P3 esr

I bought the P3's a couple of months ago. I should have some cash soon to go forward with this system. My thoughts are the Croft Phono Integrated. Please share your thoughts on not only the amp choice, but what this systems strengths might be. I just want to listen at low to moderate levels, and be engaged. I wish they were more efficient, which is why I'm thinking Croft, which has a tubed stage, and SS amp.


A lot of good suggestions as to partnering gear above. I will say this, the Croft/Harbeth is a fine combination, have listened to the P3's with Croft off and on and like the combination, very much to like there.

I currently use the Croft Micro 25 pre and Series 7 amp with Larsen 4 and Shahinian Larc speakers, certainly a different take than the Harbeth, but each have their own strengths.

As to cartridge, have read/heard Croft owners enjoying the Nagaoka's with their systems. I have an MP110 waiting for a turntable purchase at some point, will see how that part goes at some point.

In the meantime, enjoy your demo, trust your ears!

Thanks so much for the response frazeur1.  My dealer also carries Nagaoka, and mentioned setting up a  Nagaoka w/ Croft for a customer. He did say this was very good. For now I will run my Tsd-15/ A23 SUT/ Amadeus table. This combo may ruin me, because it is pretty darned good. But it's a borrow from my main system, and is currently my only source for the Croft audition. Nagaoka is first on my list, assuming I keep the Croft. (-:
I have the P3 as well as the 40.1. I have found that he least expensive Naim integrateds work extremely well with Harbeth, along with Plinius electronics 

Nagaoka's are nice all around cartridges, and fairly reasonably priced. One can buy the cheapest cartridge and upgrade the stylus assembly up to the MP200 I believe.

Certainly so many various combinations to chose from, have fun and enjoy the little ride! Keep us posted on the Croft demo!

It’s a hard to be too critical of what I’m hearing from the Croft and P3’s. For my taste, it’s really quite engaging. It’s does that immersive tube thing, which allows me to forget I’m listening to a system. It has the color, but with an ever so slight opacity. In other words, I wish it was a tad more fleshed out. I also find it begins to sound strained when you go beyond mid/loud listening levels. The above said, I’m being critical, and I’ve heard 100K systems which I’ve enjoyed MUCH less. This combo has the right thing going on. For a one box solution, it’s really quite good. I think about a what a good 40 watt tube Integrated, like LM, would do for the P3’s. But then I’d need a phono stage, and another cable. I also think it would take a pretty good phono stage to beat the Croft. Wanting to keep things simple, I think the Croft, at it’s price, is a very nice amp. Plus, having Followed A’gon, and other forum comments about the P3’s, I’m not so sure a 35-40 watt tube amp is the answer. I would imagine this being less true as you go further up the Harbeth line.