Building shielded IC's. Should both shield ends be terminated at the RCA, or only one?

I'm building some interconnects that are shielded, and as my question states, are both shield ends terminated at their respective RCA connector bodies, or only one? If one is not terminated, which is better left unterminated, the source end, or the receiving end?

I tried finding this out but couldn't find an answer, I'm sure someone here knows the answer.

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Al, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Your participation, and always well informed input, is always appreciated.

Thanks so much for all you do here.

@millercarbon - I would also disagree with that assessment. There are a number of cable brands that provide bulk cable at a significant discount compared to their terminated cables, such as Furutech, Neotech, DH Labs, Kimber, Cardas, and others.

Terminating speaker cables with high quality connectors is generally very easy and saves considerable money. Power cables are also generally fairly easy and the connectors used by most brands are readily available. Interconnects are a bit more challenging because they require good soldering skills to achieve the best performance, and many audiophiles don't have this experience. 

For those on a budget, or that enjoy building things, or that want to experiment with alternative cable geometries or materials, DIY is a great way to go. And many of today's popular brands started out as a DIYer's hobby project. 

I've personally made all my current power cables and speaker cables by using bulk cable and high quality connectors, and I enjoyed the process as well as saved at least a couple of thousand dollars compared to buying "factory"-terminated cables. 
I certainly appreciate millercarbon’s singular grasp on all of these audio absolutes. All hail millercarbon!
Shielded cable provides a "closed in" sound. If you need it its one thing...but try to do without it. I built my power cords from top of the line Furutech and Oyeida connections with Accrolink cable.....I like the Furutech a bit better, but they’re both good...(they look like carbon fiber...nice looking)