Bulk TV purchase for PA Nursing Home

I work for a non-profit Long-term Care Facility in NE PA ... through a GoFundMe campaign we have raised enough funds to purchase a large number of LED TVs.  We are looking for slim bezel, 24" diagonal due to space limitations.

I am having trouble finding a retailer that has available the number of TVs we need and/or getting a price break on a purchase of this size.  We have @ $8500 to spend and are tax exempt so the whole amount would go toward the TV purchase.  We are hoping to get 70 to 80 TVs for the money.

If any AudiogoNers are dealers and can get us a bulk price OR if you have any suggestions, please let me know!  I had reached out to my local Walmart and BestBuy but neither were of much assistance.  I also contacted Walmart Online by phone and they were also of little help.

You can reach out to me direct at jrinker@pvmnh.com or post in this forum ... also feel free to visit our website PVMNH.com for information about our facility.

Thanks and Happy New Year!!

Jeff Rinker
PVM Resident Accounts
I would consider contacting Samsung, LG or Sharp directly - They make a fine quality 24" 720p unit.
I got one for free from Sprint just before Christmas when I upgraded to a G4 phone & have seen retailers selling them for under $150.
I would think that you can probably get them for around $100 per in bulk.
I agree with Paladin, contact the distributor for any of the major brands and see if they can cut you a deal. It may take time to fill the order but they would most likely either direct you to work through a dealer in your area and work with that dealer in the arrangements. Or you could call Crutchfeild, B&H photo or similar. They would have the ability to make a deal with the distributor. This can't be a rare occasion to either the distributor or larger dealer. New motels etc are going up all the time. They would probably work out something special on a production run of limited features to get the cost down. It may take months to fill the order in that quantity and shipping from overseas but I think that will be the only way to maximize your investment return. 
I work at a large engineering university in NY, and one of our main suppliers is Gov Connection (aka PC Connection), as well as B&H.  Both have the ability to purchase in bulk, offer decent discounts, and work directly with manufacturers.  My one piece of advice is to avoid purchasing an LG display - they have by far the worst failure rate among all the flat-panel manufacturers, and the worst longevity (we use them for digital signage, classroom displays, etc where they are operating at least 18 hours every day). Stick with Sharp, Samsung, or Sony.
Thanks for all the responses ... I will try the manufacturers and BH Photo and see how it goes!
I've got a Samsung 24' LED, a good quality picture that I got at Costco for under 150, I believe.