Burlington, VT - Any interest in starting a club?

I've always been curious about how many Agon visitors are in Vermont. That said, who are you, where are you, and would you be interested in starting a local audiophile society? It can make this hobby a hell of a lot more fun. And hey, we've even been blessed with a new hifi shop (on Church St).


I think that's a great idea, but this thread seems to have fizzled out. What if I were to start a yahoo group? Would there be some interest?
I'm in Brattleboro Vt too. I'd be interested in starting a club. I also know Ralph. Hope this post isn't too late.

Hello Southern Vermonters, i live in Hoosick Falls,NY, right outside of Bennington,VT, sort of the armpit of Vermont!( just kidding HFers, hey thats kinda funny-HFers-heiffers-Vermont-Hee Hee) Guess i'm the only one who dosen't know Ralph, but would like to check out the used audio shop in Brattleboro, where is it and what hours is it open? Are you there Ralph? Also i would be interested in chating or maybe meeting in S. VT. I also just started a new thread looking for audiophiles in the tristate area( Hoosick Falls, NY, Bennington, VT, Williamstown,MA, ETC., I guess Brattleboro, Amhearst,MA and Albany,NY are within reach too) to at least talk. Hope to hear from some folks. Thanks for your time, Alan
This thread is pretty old now -- I am in Burlington and would be interested in an occassional meeting (4 times per year?).

- Eric Hart
Hi Eric;

Yes, I'd be interested. There are not many audiophiles in this area so getting to no others is a good thing. Hopefully we can find others that are interested. I'm down in Brattleboro.