Burlington, VT - Any interest in starting a club?

I've always been curious about how many Agon visitors are in Vermont. That said, who are you, where are you, and would you be interested in starting a local audiophile society? It can make this hobby a hell of a lot more fun. And hey, we've even been blessed with a new hifi shop (on Church St).


Hey Stunt Hunt,

I am still running a pretty modest system. Just as I was about to pull the trigger on a Atma-sphere system I thought about getting into live music with my family.
I went out and bought a piano, a bunch of guitars and a bass, some drums, boutique tube amps and cabinets and some minor recording equipment that I've decided not to let distract me from playing live music. I am having a ball.

Most of my system was state of the art in 85 but now I'd still like to have a Atma-Sphere OTL amp pair and a really good pre but it's going to have to wait.

I just dropped another 10k this month for a 60's telecaster, a TopHat Emplexador, a 1960 Marshall 4x12 cabinet and some Vintage analog effects. I've got my eye out for a Leslie cab too. High end audio has gotten to be to me an excercise in futility. My sound from my system fills my room well but the sound in my head always sounds better.

I am in Keene, New York across the lake, I get into Burlington more often in the spring and summer maybe we could look to put something together for April or May

I bought a RCM, a new really good Maestro MM cartridge and continue to buy and sell Vinyl on line. http://stores.ebay.com/GROOVEY-RECORDS

Check it out

Groovey Records

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Hi guys,
I'm a audiophile from Rutland, Vt, been an audiophile for 6 years now,,, late in life at 56 now. I've always had midfi systems, Bose & Pioneer, and such but when i reached my 50's, it was now or never so I sunk myself in debt to have what I now have.I just recently lost my job of 35 years so I'm presently strapped for cash. But I've still been making to trips to NYC area for RAVES. Burlington would surely be closer.LOL My system can be seen at AudioCircle but basically I'm into a computer source with over 3000 albums to date. I'll bookmark this thread for future reference.

Hi guys,

I have to say I am pretty much out of the running as a host right now. My family and I are preparing for a year's sabbatical living in Latin America, and the preparation is pretty time-consuming (starting with learning better Spanish!). And my system has been static the last couple of years, so not that exciting (I'd like a good external DAC, then would be done). Would consider attending if someone else hosts, though.
Hi all,
Did any of you folks ever manage to start getting together? I've been slowly working my way into hifi and would like to connect with others with similar interests.

Has any club managed to get started?

Never did get a "club" off the ground in the Burlington area. Probably not too many audiophiles in this little place. I'm still at it, tho, slowly making upgrades to the point where I 'think' I'm done. It's a pretty nice system, if I do say so--McCormack DNA1, Kef Ref.4, Audioprism pre, etc. Definitely puts you in the zone, if you know what I mean. I also finally treated my room with acoustic panels. BIG difference!

If anyone around here is interested in comparing notes and talking music and gear, let me know! And if you're free on June 30, come down to Breakwaters on the waterfront, where my band Jive Attic will be playing. I'm the harp player/singer/guitarist.

It's all about the music!