Burmester 061 + 011 + 911 or 001 + 911

I have a dilema. I currently have Burmester 061 CDP, 051 integrated amp that I use as a preamp and 911 MK3 Amp.

I am thinking about upgrading but I only have limited funds. I am faced with the following 2 options. Please give me some suggestions.
1. Sell 051 integrated amp and get 011 preamp or
2. Sell both 061 CD player and 051 integrated amp and buy 001 cd player that can be used as a digital preamp.

Which one of the above option is better with 911 MK3?
I listen to 60% jazz/vocal jazz, 20% classical and 20% "modern music" (pop, hip pop, electronics and etc)
I recommend option #2. That way if, in the future when the budget allows, you have a reference belt-drive Burmester CDP in which you can always add the 011 pre-amp. Or even better, add the new 088 pre-amp with a built-in DAC module (same as found in the 077) to really elevate the performance of the overall system.

Tyler T. Mueller

Next Level AV
I would think that the second option would likely sound better given that the CDP is superior but why not try both in home and see which one works better for you.