Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder

I have thousands of hours on my Nordost Heimdall2 power cables. And I put in new Gigawatt inwall wiring over 12 months ago, so hundreds if not thousands on that.

I now know I (and probably most audiophiles here) never had my power cables or power lines burned in, not even close. Because this cheap $300 product by Hagerman Audio Labs, the Frycroder2, has blown me away with only 18 hours on it so far.

A little box you just plug into the end of each power cable. It creates a series of oscillating waveforms, supposedly it burns in the power line all the way back to the first utility transformer.

Who knows if that's true, but already there is a large reduction in hash and grain, more black background e.t.c all the usual subtle things you get with burn in, but seemingly amplified 10x than normal.

I'm going to give each power cable at least 48hrs, so will take a 2 weeks to do and get a full picture after that, but already at this early stage I am a convert and Jim Hagerman is a genius.



Not sure I would trust "high end" cable manufacturers more than than this down to earth designer.

@corelli So the speaker wire re-distributors (I won't say manufacturers because they manufacture nothing) tell you that such a product should not be used on their wire, and yet you believe some hokey pseudo-scientific word salad slinger that says "buy my stuff  'cos I say it works"?  No wonder the high end audio accessory snake oil industry is doing so well.


I'm confused, or curious, with terms such as 

hash, grain, black background etc. Through horns

at 103 to 105 db my rig is quiet as a church mouse, 

as a graveyard, blacker than an Indigo inkwell.

Or so I hear, or don't hear it being this way. How does

one find out if their apparent "black background" system

can be made even "blacker"? Throw more money to a problem

than doesn't seem to exist?

@kckrs if you are so confused, do not worry, there is a forum for you called ASR, but I'm sure you know that already.

It sounds interesting , I would not run it with a line conditioner to a $$ dac just to be safe ,just use on that cable.