Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder

I have thousands of hours on my Nordost Heimdall2 power cables. And I put in new Gigawatt inwall wiring over 12 months ago, so hundreds if not thousands on that.

I now know I (and probably most audiophiles here) never had my power cables or power lines burned in, not even close. Because this cheap $300 product by Hagerman Audio Labs, the Frycroder2, has blown me away with only 18 hours on it so far.

A little box you just plug into the end of each power cable. It creates a series of oscillating waveforms, supposedly it burns in the power line all the way back to the first utility transformer.

Who knows if that's true, but already there is a large reduction in hash and grain, more black background e.t.c all the usual subtle things you get with burn in, but seemingly amplified 10x than normal.

I'm going to give each power cable at least 48hrs, so will take a 2 weeks to do and get a full picture after that, but already at this early stage I am a convert and Jim Hagerman is a genius.



@jhnnrrs  Hey, I never said I endorsed the product.  I said I would not trust "wire re-distributers" any more than I would trust Hagerman. Have you never heard  "hokey pseudo-scientific word salad slinger" verbiage to endorse a cable??

@corelli  At this point, after all the shysters, con men, grifters, and thieves have made just about every ridiculous claim about their do-nothing products, we should be pretty wise to the lines.  We shouldn't have to point out that wires and fuses don't need burn in.  We should be smarter than that.  Should be, but...

I always am interested  in the comments of the cheapskate who will not try  anything  if it takes either time or money.  They don't ever seem to have either one except  when I comes to being  a keyboard  warriors. 

@retiredfarmer ,

While I do not have experience with the product in discussion, I wholeheartedly agree with this comment:

I always am interested  in the comments of the cheapskate who will not try  anything  if it takes either time or money.

I am seeing such trolls active on this thread and on another one, without trying either products and claiming to know-it-all.

Extracted from a thread “Cable Burn-In - Myth or Fact?” at Audio Science Review that Hagerman started about this equipment:

What are the physics behind burn-in? I don't actually know, never been able to figure it out. I have some ideas, but not the chops to dig deep enough into the underlying mechanics to prove anything.”

To summarize, the engineer is basing his concept for the effectiveness of his “cable burn-in’ers” on his customer feedback. Customer feedback is not a suitable sole means of validation for design efficacy, which has been understood to the point of our planet having legal infrastructure against it for decades in other industries.

IOW, there is literally no scientific process or evidence whatsoever to support what these devices allegedly do. Please understand, this is not advocacy for the pseudoscientific stance of “no measurements = no difference” - I do not think this way nor do I agree with the stance that “if it cannot presently be measured then it cannot exist.” Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. In this case, the issue is both the engineer and consumer appear to not understand, or not acknowledge, what constitutes evidence.

Engineering must be based on the scientific method, and in these products, science is being disregarded. At least the designer is somewhat up front about it. I admire someone who publishes his schematics in this day of nearly unchecked IP theft. However, in the case of this particular “IP,” I’m not sure how much there is to protect.

Link to the whole aforementioned thread for any user / would-be user of this product: