Burned out Audiophile - Trying to Find some Zen


Wanted to know if others out there have felt the same way.

I think I am burned out of looking for the next best or just changing gear. I have decided, it really is like chasing a rainbow. I believe, I will not get much greater joy even if I continue to upgrade (now stand around 15K worth of gear) Sure, to get new gear is fun when you first get it, but them, as always, in a couple of months, the longing for change comes back. For those who have lots of money to continue the ongoing chase of sonic narvana - they can afford the chase. For me, maybe there are other things to pursue instead of a pair of speaker or DAC. I still listen and enjoy music, but I may have come to the end of my road as a restless searcher for sonic change/perfection.

Anyone else out there have successfully jumped off the buy and sell cycle? What have you done with yourself since? Have you felt the audiophile id calling for you again?

Just some passing thoughts- thanks
IMHO it sounds like you're trying to find a source of happiness/contentedness/accomplishment externally. simplify! meditate! spend time alone in nature! find joy in the MUSIC, whether it's coming out of your system, a transistor radio, or the mouths of babes. easy to say, not so easy to do, as even on my simplified level (used to have a system about 12K or so) i still have to fight the urge from time to time. it's a form of addiction, and if it is significantly and negatively affecting your life (and it sounds like it is in your case), take the necessary steps for positive change. the merry-go-round will not stop for you, so close your eyes and jump off. BTW i don't mean to come across as in any way critical of you. you suffer from terminal humanity.
"Anyone else out there have successfully jumped off the buy and sell cycle?"

Probably not if they are reading these threads.
I just buy what I want, and keep it all for at least 5 years before looking at anything else.

Saves alot of money, time, energy, and heartache.
I think we have all felt like that at one time or another...at least the most crazy of us (I am certainly included in that group). I am about to go into steady state as far as my system is concerned. It took me a while to figure out what "I" like!!! Yes, it took a lot of trying gear, and cableing, and isolation devices, and racks...and...yad yada yada..and no..my system is not perfect. But it is to the point where I am very pleased..and I would like to focus on other things. The only thing I would change is to a more dynamic speaker (Big MBL's or Big Von's)...but that is alot of money and space I don't have right now...so I am done. In my curreny salery range, I have gotten as far as I am going to get (which to be honest is not that far from where I want to be).