burning in capacitors for phono stages

I'm in the process of auditioning various capacitors within my phono preamp. It seems burn in is a 'real' issue with caps. In exploring various means to burn in these caps I found the KAB PreconLP, this device converts line level signals to phono level signals. This allows one to use a cd player and burn in disc to burn in phono stages.

I only need substitute various caps in circuit I want to audition. This seems like a huge advantage over any other cap burn in method I've encountered. You are getting the actual signal your cap will see playing lps. Other burn in methods I've seen may or may not have sufficient voltage and/or combo of AC and DC.
I am an Engineer so take this advise which ever way you wish. There is no break-in for a capacitor. A capacitor is simply 2 conductive plates with a dielectric samwiched in between. There is such a thing as formimg a capacitor though. Capacitor forming should be performed on electrolytic capacitors that have not been used in a while. New Capacitors do not have to be formed. If you would like info on forming capactors send me a message as I would be happy to help. Be careful monkeying around with large capacitors as they store a large charge and are a lethal shock hazard.
I know break in of caps is a contentious issue. I only know that many hear changes as capacitors age. The upcoming cap rolling will tell the tale for me.

Thanks, I do understand about caps holding charges, and do discharge them prior to working on equipment.
I suggest you use a variac and charge yr new caps in steps, starting at low voltage to slowly reach their rated level.

I am a music lover and actually listen to my system on a regular basis. I have swapped out caps and they do burn in.

Thank you very much.