Burr-Brown vs Wolfson

All the CDPs I look at in my shopping process sport either the Wolfson WM8740 or Burr Brown 1732 DAC.

I have read good and not so good things about Burr-Brown.

Is the first better than the other? Are there any major differences between the two?

One more thing : might it be one or the other, are two DACs better than just one? Isn't one enough?
i am not impressed with 24/96 dacs, or perhaps as reubent has implied, i am not impressed with the implementation of burr brown 24/96 dacs in many cd players.

i find most of them unbalanced in frequency response, exhibiting too much emphasis in the upper mids/lower treble.

what cd players use the wolfson chip ?

i realize there is more to a cd player than the dac chip, such as capacitors in the signal path and op amps.

perhaps, the problem is upsampling, or its implementation.

i own a cd player using a crystal semi conductor dac chip and it exhibits the frequency response errors i cited above.
Of the CDPs I auditioned today, the ones that I liked most ran the Wolfson : Cambridge 640c V2 and Arcam cd73.

They sounded different from one another but I prefered both over the Burr-Brown equiped Rotel 1072.

Reubent : I now understand -- for I have heard -- how much the whole does not depend solely on the DAC itself.
As long as your auditioning, if you can, listen to no a no-oversampling (NOS) DAC as well.